You’re now in the next stages of numerology as the fundamentals were already explained. Remember more and more we discuss numerology, we’ll get into the basics only and that needs more fundamentals. As a saying goes as “An expert is a one who knows more and more about less and less until he knows absolutely everything about nothing.

In today’s world Numerology is well known for name change.  Agree to this? Not making a change should also be considered as a change to the person who approaches you.That is all about consulting. Never make a change if it wont help him in his future dasa period. When the individual approaches you, he might have various passions, pride etc.  But we need to see the present and future state before advising with a solution.

As usual I am going to say that I need these details:

  • Date of birth, only Date
  • Date of birth, Date, month, and year
  • Month denoted by the Sun Position in Rasi Sign
  • Time of birth, Hours separately 
  • Time of birth, Minutes separately 
  • Lagna Sign
  • Moon Sign
  • Lagna Star
  • Moon Star
  • Name used at present. Name total under Cheiro system.
  • Father's name / Mother's Name / Details of Initials used. 
  • Horoscope and the Running Dasa.
S.I No Particulars Numeral
1 Date of birth(only Date)05 (five) 5
  Birth Date Total  
2 Date of birth (Date, month, year) 05.07.1952
  Destiny total = 5+7+1+9+5+2=2+9 = 2
3 Month denoted by the SunGemini  
  Gemini=Mercury= 5
3 Time of birth (Hours separately) 23
  Total of the Birth hour=2+3 = 5
4 Time of birth(Minutes separately) 55
  To be divided by 4 Take Quotient 55/ 4 = 13 + Reminder 3 ; so rounded off to = 14 5
5 Lagna Sign-Pisces  
  Pisces= Jupiter = 3
6 Moon SignScorpio  
  Scorpio = Mars = 9
7 Lagna Star-Revathi  
  Revathi = Mercury 5
8 Moon Star -Jyestha  
  Jyestha = Mercury 5
9 Name used at present E.Saravanan  
10 Name total - Cheiro system=5.312161515 = 30 = Constant Total = 30-9 = 21 3
11 Father's name M(univel). Elumalai
12 Mother's Name Kanthammal
13 Running Dasa Mars > 12.09.2000

Mars dasa is running. Mars is tne Lord of 2nd and 9th and in 8th house, but in 7th Bhava. So the houses in operation are 2, 7, 9

The selection of the name Total should be based on Birth Date Total and Destiny Total. The permutation and combination of Birth Date and Destiny should be worked out for each and every case. The name total already available is 3, which is not favorable to the native. The Name total preferably should be in 1, 5, or 6 for this native. Out of the available numerals arrived Gom the above table, number 5 repeated maximum no. of times. Select the maximum repeated figure within the numbers preferred. I prefer No. 5 to the native. How and why I selected No.5 to the native will be explained later.

I will also explain how to select Numbers based on Birth Date and Destiny No. You should not change the name entirely. You should add or delete certain alphabets so that the name total can be in 5.The No.5 can be in 14, or 23, or 32, or 41, or 50, or 59 and so on.Again you should select the compound Nos. just like that. lyill give you full detail of the Numbers and their benefits later.

After 30, the next available number is 32. 32. People governed by this number can make very good leaders, diplomats, politicians and peace-makers.' Their mass and popular appeal is never in doubt. They are warm-hearted, considerate and kind, but sometimes in the name Of discipline or organizational success and unity, they are likely to become hard, overbearing and aggressive.41 It is a lucky number and possesses., the qualities as does the number 32. But this number sometimes creates overconfidence with the person and makes to create more enemies. If carefully played, this number will help to reach Top position.

The name available total is 30, Sp I preferred to add 2 to make it 32 His father's initial is "M" and if added, type 'name total would be 36. His mother' Kanthammal. If "K" is added, the totalfwould be 32. The propose name change is " E. K. SARAVANAN.

The name change should not be done as it is. We should select an auspicious day from which the native should start writing the name as per th directions of the astrologer. There are procedures to be followed, which I w tell you later. I will allow the native to write the name for a stipulated period and to feel the name change and its vibration benefits. Unless and otherwise, the native felt the change has a real effect on him/her within the stipulated date, the name change will be meaningless.

Suppose the native felt a adverse effect during the period of writing the name change, then the nam change should be abruptly stopped.If the beneficial results are felt, then the native should apply for it name change through official Gazette.Have you clear with the above applications. This is not as simple you read. Before going to implement, you should know.

  • The permutation and combination of number preferred for the Date Tol and Destiny Total.
  • The results of the numbers from 1 to 121 and their qualities.
  • The results of Vowels in the name.
  • The results of Constants in the name.
  • The procedures to be followed while starting the name change.
  • The methodology of deciding when the numerals are equal or when r merals are scattered.

You have to wait to read all the above details in order to become master this art and to become a successful Numerologist. Never go anyone. Wait for my articles. Collect it and Keep it safely reference and be a successful Numerologist.