Lord Saturn Metal Silver, Gold
Rasi Letters Ga, Sa, Sha, Sh Lucky Stone Blue Sapphire
Nakshatra Letters Gu, Ge, Go, Saa, See, Soo, Se, Daa Weekday Wednesday, Friday and Saturday
Adorable God Shiva Rasi Type Stable

Aquarius (Kumbam) [Stars: Avitam 3,4 Satayam, Puratathi 1,2,3 padam]

Aquarius/Kumbam born people are down-to-earth, good organizers with nice listening abilities. You like to stay independent and always continue to be a freedom loving person. When you stay dedicated and focused, you have done miracles in many areas. A kind of clever person and smart decision maker who bring good results in life and profession that you take up.
During this month :
  • Venus transits to Virgo September 10
  • Mercury transits to Virgo September 11, again
  • Mercury transits to Libra September 29
  • Sun transits to Virgo September 17
  • Mars transits to Virgo September 25
  • Saturn and Ketu meetup in same degree on September 18th
Sun, Mars, Venus, Mercury in 7th house at the beginning of the month.
Saturn and Ketu in 11th house.
Jupiter in 10th house. Designation change, position change, location change etc. would have happened. If you had encountered such changes recently, the reset is to enhance you for the future.
So, Venus, Mercury, Sun, Mars moving to 8th house at latter part of this month. Actually this is not a good transit for you. Be patient and try to take care of the existing situation. Being patient is not unusual to you. You are a master in this. But, don’t burst after a point of time, indicating this since such situations might come. Be careful. As planets move from 7th to 8th house, career, education, investment, travel etc. can be postponed which will help you to save from failures. Delaying will be helpful at this time. Take care of your routine activities and don’t get involved in new efforts. At this time, your mind will be more aligned to Office work, business etc. very actively. Many of you will be very excited to meet your higher officials. Young people looking for jobs will get a satisfactory responses. Students will be in a motivated situation and can expect good marks in the exams. People looking for Jobs in Foreign countries will get good news during this month, if you’ve been processing this for a while.

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Please visit One Month before Transit.

Please visit One Month before Transit.

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