Before learning numerology you should know about the history of numerology. There're many different systems of Numerology. The most familiar numerology systems used in West are Pythagorean and Chaldean methods.Both systems take the Name of the person, Date of birth, Month of birth and year of birth into consideration. But Chaldean method is very ancient, more accurate and older than the Pythagorean method. The Chaldeans of long ago, who have occupied the southern part of Babylonia developed this system.

Cheiro was the first modern Numerologist, who drew worlds to the powers of numbers and gave us the most scientific observations on the subject.Cheiro was born on November 1st 1866 in a place called Bray in Wicklow Country of England. His birth name was John Warner. Later he changed his name to Louis Le Warner Hammon. He adopted Cheiro as his name when he decided to make future telling as his profession. His mother had a great interest in Astrology and because of this Cheiro also got interested in this science.

His father sent him to London, when he was 17. But, he came to India. In Bombay he meets Ved Narain Joshi, an Astrologer, Joshi took Cheiro to meet many tantriks and astrologers of the Himalayas, Varanasi, Ladak and Kashmir. After 3 years of travel in India Cheiro returned to England. He had gathered huge knowledge in the line of Palmistry and Numerology from India He made many predictions based On Palmistry and Numerology and became very popular after his return to England. He made it public and open to all.

What is Numerology?

Numerology is very simple, effective and exact system for the purpose of making predictions. No cumbersome table of planetary positions is needed. Neither complicated mathematical calculations nor tedious activities are involved. Though Astrology is the basics, Numerology is the most interesting and easier methods of making predictions. Just with little concentration, this could be achieved. Numerology is one of the best achievements of mankind. With the help of numerology, we can predict the persons past; present and future.

The requirements for Numerology is simple.  We need Date, month and year of birth, and the name of NAME of the person we are dealing with for the predictions.All alphabetical letters have their own special vibration. All combination of lettes are also responsible to numerical vibrations. As English is the commonly used language, I am following English alphabetical values. Also going with commonly used language makes sense to the subject as the vibrations vary.

Many books are available in the market on numerology. We’ve also recommended several books related to these subject in this portal.  However reading this portal alone should be enough for learning Numerology. Remember that applied Numerology is totally different from learning numerology which comes only after certain years of experience which we have to deal separately and that is out of scope of this article or any books in my humble opinion.

By following the simple lessons of Numerology, you will find the hidden treasure of your Career, Character etc. which you can usefully invest to increase your profitability.Hard work alone will yield best results. - Unless there is sincerity in any work, you cannot achieve the desired results. I have seen so many persons doing Numerology predictions.But the method, I followed for years now, is always helped me to help my clients with 100% authority, you can also learn from me and follow my method of Astro-numerology and later you will also tell me that the method I follow alone is accurate.

Clients came to me always with great distress and go with complete peace of mind. They arenow in good position and always regard me with -reverence. What else you need in this world.With so much of build up, I will tell you, the Numbers and their signification first before going into detail of Numbers assigned under Cheiro's system.

First thing you have to do is, to memorize the following values for each 'English alphabets:'

Chaldean Number Values

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Second thing is to collect the exact date, month and year of birth. I also insist on Time of Birth. And also get the Birth chart ready for next class. You learn from me and teach numerology with perfection. Okay, then.