Naming a person with Numerology methods changes the life style of a native to a great extent. Each name has its own vibration power and it can be converted to numbers and open up the hidden secrets.  Unless you know the significance, usage of numbers, numerology will not be useful.In the last month issue, you can find that Cheiro has not used Number 9 in his numerology system.

A person born on a particular date and time and had a name of his/her own. We call him/her by the name. This name has a vibration power. For some people, they are said to be born with silver spoon and some with golden spoon. There is some truth in it.It is not possible to change the Time, Date, Month, Year of birth.So also the rasi, lagna etc which is derived from the previous one.

We’ve to define a name in line with the Date, month, Year, Time, Place, Rasi and Lagna.This is why I mentioned in the earlier issue that Numerology and Astrology are interconnected.For 100% accurate results we need to go with both the methods and define or modify a pre-defined name.Different societies write the names differently.  In India, Father's name is used as Initial and followed by the individuals Name. For example N Gowthaman.Some people add their Family name along with their name.For example Mukesh Ambani.

Whatever the case may be, the name, date of birth, time of birth, place of birth, of the native should be known clearly before attempting anything in the Numerology system.As an initial step, I will elaborate, how to look into the numbers of a particular individual. Let take a date 19-11-2004.Remember that Asians commonly use DD-MM-YYYY format.  English countries mostly use MM-DD-YYYY format. Here I’ve to insist this because, in this digital world, communications can happen beyond in-person and date could be confused for month.The date is 19.1 + 9, we will sum up to 10. Similarly add 1 + 0, we will get 1 as a single number. Converted them to single number.

The Date of birth for this subject is 19-11-2004.
Date total is: 1+9=11
Month total is 1+1=2
Year total is 2+0+0+4=6
The grand Total of DD-MM-YY is =1+9+1+1+2+0+0+4=18
1+8 = 9

To become an expert in this subject, all we need to do is constantly keep learning and performing the conversion compound numbers to single number. One day you will become a very good numerologist.