A Description
Abhichara Incantations meant to harm others
Adhomukha The sign occupied by the Sun
Adhrishta Invisible or supernatural cause of events
Adrishta nimittaji Events arising from unknown causes.
Aghorabali Sacrificial offering to a form of Siva or the Sun
Agnitattva . Fiery signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarius
Amaya Cost us speciosus
Amita Longevity beyond hundered years
Anasana Fasting
Angara North-west; charcoal
Angula One-eighth of an inch
Anishta Houses 6, 8, 12 from the Ascendant
Antara Bhavas Part of the house indicating the internal
Anujanma The tenth and the nineteenth stars from the birth star
Apasmara Epilepsy
Ara Mars
Ari Enemy; sixth house
Atishta Death within 12 years; harmful
Artha Fortnight
Arudha The siga rising at the time of the query
Ashtamangala An elaborate method of horary astrology described in Chapter 7
Ashtama Rasi Eighth house
Ashtottari A system of the periods of the planets covering 108 years
Aspada Tenth house
Asthi Bone, ruled by the Sun
Astodaya Heliacal setting and rising of a planet
Asu Sixth part of a Vigbati; four seconds
Asuragraha demonaic spirit
Avastha State or condition attributed to a planet on the basis of the sign occupied. See p. 235
Aya Eleventh house
Ayana Six months
Ayushkaraka Saturn
Ayyappa The deity Sasta
B Description
Badhaka A planet that obstructs or is harmful. It is the lord of the eleventh sign for movable ascendants, the lord of the ninth for fixed ones, and the lord of the seventh for common signs. Also see Chap. 15: 111-113
Baghyabbava Part of the house dealing with external affairs
Balagraba Spirits of children who bad a premature or unnatural death
Balaprabhakshini An evil spirit preying on children
Bali Sacrifice
Balikarma Act of offering a sacrifice
Balya A planet in a friend's house
Bandhu Relatives; fourth house
Bhadrakali A form of protecting Goddess
Bhairava A deity who follows Sivag
Bhaktavirodha Loss of appetite
Bharadwaja Skylark, a Sage
Bhasa Vulture
Bhasma Ashes; North
Bhasmaka graha A spirit that causes unappeasing appetite
Bhasma pisacha A spirit of evil
Bhava House. The sign is called Rasi. Eleventh house.
Bhuja Arc. Also called Koti
Bhumi East; North-east
Bhuta Elements called earth, water, fire, wind and ether. Sometime it means a spirit
Bhutamarana bali Sacrifice to Mars and Venus in order to destroy evil spirits
Bhutanatha Siva
Bhuta Rakshasa A demon
Bhutattava Earthy signs — Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn
Brahma Rakshasa A fierce demon
Budha Mercury, rules wind, bile, phlegm and skin
C Description
ChamundiA form of the Goddess Durga
ChandraMoon. Rules blood, wind and phlegm
ChandrakriyaArc traversed by the Moon in a star converted into minutes and multiplied by 60, and then divide it by 800 and add one to the quotient (see Appendix)
ChakoraA song-bird like the partridge
ChakraZodiacal diagram. The fixed one is posited on the earth around the astrologer. The movable one is in the sky. The former refers to the directions. The latter is the basis for fixing the Ascendant
Chakra homaA sacrificial offering to Mercury
CharaMovable or cardinal signs
CharaphalaPosition of a planet as per its mean motion converted into an arc
Chatushpada RasiLeo, Aries, Taurus, the second half of Sagittarius and the first part of Capricorn
ChayaShadow; measuring time on the basis of the shadow caused by the Sun; South
Chatra RasiThe sign obtained from the Vidhi Rasi. Count the number of signs from Arudha to the ascendant and then count this number from the Yidhi Rasi to get Chatra Rasi
Chitra KutaA stone
ChittotthaSeventh house; mental diseases
D Description
Dagdha Yoga An evil moment. See note on page 44 Dakshinayana- From the time the Sun enters Cancer and leaves Sagittarius
Dantiskandha Offering an elephant's tooth
Darbha Sacred grass called Kusa
Darvi Medicine; powder of conch
Dasa Number of years ruled by a planet. Its sub-periods are called Antardasa or Bhukti.
Deba Multiply the Moon's longitude by eight and then add the longitude of Mandi
Devagraha Divine or benefic spirit
Dhanus Sagittarius
Dharmadeva These are given in Chapter 15 4-7
Dhatri Emblic myrobalan
Dhatu Mineral. In odd Navamsas the Dhatu Navamsas are 1, 4, 7. In even signs, 3, 6, 9
Dhuma From three hours to six after suntise. It also means smoke. There are five temporary planets. These are Dhuma (sun's longitude plus 133°); Vyatipata (360° minus Dhuma); Parivesha (180° plus Vyatipata) ; Indrachapa (360° minus Parivesha) ; and Ketu (Indrachapa plus 17 degree)
Dhumni Future
Dhvaja Flag; a point in Ashtamangala
Digdaht Reddish colour at sunset
Digit The central digits are serpant, mouse, elephant, hare. Their corresponding unit digits are Garuda, cat, lion, and dog respect Ively
Dinagata Time of birth after query
Dipta Three hours from sunrise
Dlrgha Longevity of a hundred years
Dravya Substance. Jeeva dravya refers to organisms. Mula-dravya refers to immovable property. Dhatudravya signifies minerals
Drekkana Ten degrees of a sign. The three parts are ruled by the lord of the sign, and by the lords of 5 and 9 from that sign (see Appendix VII)
Dridha Karma acquired in the past
Drigfanita Astronomical calculation that agrees with observations
Drishta Perceived cause of a result
Drishtibadha Suffering caused by the evil eye of a per son.
Dundubha A large drum
Durdevafa An evil spirit
Durga Supreme Goddess
Durmuhurta It has a duration of 48 minutes and varies from day to day. It is inauspicious See notes on pages 46 to 48
Dustba Planets in a malefic sign
Dutalakshana Omens
Dvadasamsa A twellth-part of sign
Dvisvabhava Common signs — Gemini,Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces
E Description
Ekargala An unfavourable time
Ela Cardamom
F Description
G Description
GanaMetrical foot
GanapatiDeity who destroys obstacles
GandantaThe conjunction of Pisces-Aries, Cancer-Leo and Scorpio-Sagittarius
GandharvaA semi-divine being; musician
GanitaAstronomical calculations
GhantakarnaDivine being
Ghatika24 minutes. It is also called Nadi or Nadika. Its subdivision is Vighati or Vinadika coveing 24 seconds
GocharaTransit influences of planets
GolaSpherical astronomy
GridhramukhaLast decanate of Leo and
GrihaHouse; fourth house
GubyakaA class of demigods following
Kubera GulikaA sensitive point; on pages 160 to 162 the calculation is given
GulmaAbdominal ulcer
GuruJupiter. Rules flesh and the 10th house H
H Description
HantukamaAn evil spirit eager to kill
HavanaFire sacrifice
HomaSacrificial offering
HoraHalf of a sign; science of astronomy and astrology J
I Description
J Description
JalaWater; West
JalagrahaThe Moon and Venus
Janma NakshatraThe constellation through which the Moon was passing at the time of birth
Janma RailThe sign occupied by the Moon at the time of birth
Jala PisachaA water demon
JapaChanting of the sacred mantra
Jihva dosbaevil arising from words
JivaIn odd signs its navamsas are 3, 6, 9 and io even signs 1, 4,7
JwalaFlame; East
K Description
KalaRefers to tke sign and the condition; First home
Kala ChakraA syitem of periods of the planets and signs
Kala HoraThe order in which the lords of the boras follow is Saturn Jupiter, Mars, the Son. Venus, Mercury and the Moon The first bora is that of the lord of the week-day
Kala PaisachiAn evil spirit
Kala SphutaThe calculation is given on pages 167-8
KaliFierce Goddess
Kali YugaBegan in 3102 B.C.
KanaA kind of corn called premna spinosa or longifolia Kapba
KapalahcmaSacrifice to propitiate the Moon
Kaika, KarkatakaCancer
KaranaOne of the five elements in the Panchanga or Hindu calendar
KarmaThe result of actions done in the past. See notes on 1.34, 38 and pages 280, 413-4, 480-6
Kasmala grahaPolluted planet, a base spirit
KaumaraPlanet io its own house
KemadrumaWhen there is no planet on either side of the Moon
KendraHouses 1,4,7, 10
KetuSouth node of the Moon
Khadga Ravana BillSacrificial offering to Mars
KinnaraA demigod
Kolamukha The first decanate of Cancer and Capricorn and the last one of Scorpio (See Appendix)
KonaHouses 1, 5, 9
KrodhagniThe mantra beginning with 'Jatavedase'
KrittikabaliSacrifice to Mars
Kshana48 minutes
KshataSixth house
KshemaFourth star from the birth star
KshudramIncantated article
KshurdamantraIncantation for an evil spirit
Kshetra PindaOffering
Kuksbi SattaA Deity
KujaMars. Rules bile and muscle
KushmandabaliSacrificial offering of a pumpkin to Durga
Kushtha KanaA plant
KundaNumber 81
KutumbaSecond house
L Description
Lagna Ascendant
M Description
MadhukaLiquorice root
MadhyaLongevity of seventy years
MagadbiLong pepper
MahagrahaEighteen great spirits described in Chap 16, Verse 63
MalinaSoiling of body
ManaTenth house
MandiA sensitive point See pages 160-161
Manduka GamanaIn Kalachakra system there is a leap from Virgo to Cancer
ManiA Gandhaiva
MarakaA planet that inflicts death
MaranaEighth house
MatriSeven divine mothers
MitraEighth star from the birth star, friend
MriduvargaBenefic vargas of Mercury
MritaPlanet in debilitation
MrittikaSouth west
MrityuA sensitive point obtained by multiplying Mandi's longitude by seven and adding the Sun's.
Mrityu bhagaFatal degrees. These are 1, 9, 22, 23, 25, 2. 4, 23, 18, 20, 24 and 10 from Aries onwards. The Moon's are 26, 12, 13, 25. 24, 11, 26, 14, 13, 25, 5, 12.
Mrityu ChakraHorary time in Vtghatis to be divided by 15 to get Mrityu Rasi. This plus the longitude of the Sun or the Moon fn Navamsa gives the position of the Sun or the Moon in Mrityu Chakra See pages 172-174 (5.28).
Mrityu NakshatraThis is calculated from the Trisphuta Nakshatra. See page 195.
Mrityu PradaDeath-inflicting planet.
Mrityu sphutaMultiply the longitude of Mandi by 9 aad divide it by 30. Likewise calculate DC ha and Prana Sphutas as given on page 249.
Mrityu YogaIt arises from Sunday to Saturday coinciding with certain stars. See page 44
MuburtaAuspicious moment
MulaAnimals. In odd and even signs the Navamsas are 2 5 and 8
MulatrikonaA special area of a sign in which the planet has great strength
N Description
NadikaSame at Ghati or 24 minutes.It has 60 Vinadikas or Vighatikts. In northren India it is called Pala.
NadiThese are three Nadis em-ployed in Pranayama or breath control. These are Ida, Pingala and Sushumna.
Naga KanyaSnake woman
NaidhanaSeventh star from the birth star
NakshatraConstellation. These are 27 and sometimes with Abhijit these are 28. These are important in calculating the periods of planets. Each Nakshatra covers 13° 20'
NakshatrapadaOne-fourth of a constellation. It coers 3° 20'
NarasimhaThe fierce form of Vishnu
NavamsaNinth part of a sign
NigalaSecond dectnate of Scorpio (See Appendix)
Nija RogaNatural ailment. The acquired one is agantuka
NlmittaCause, condition
Nirvana RasiMultiply the longitude of a planet by the number of the expired Navamsa. The result is the sign of death given by the planet
Nisheja grahaA weak spirit
Nocturnal signsThese are the first four from Aries, and 9, 10 and 12. The others are diurnal signs
O Description
P Description
Pakshl Drekkana Second decanate of Libra and the first of Leo and Aquarius (See Appendix)
Panchakshari A five-lettered mantra of Siva
Paschami Devata Deity of death
Papakartari A sign or a planet hiving malefics on either side
Parahita A method of astronomical calculations
Parivesha See under Dhuma
Parva Lunar days 1, 8, 14, 15, 16, 2J, 29, 30
Pasa drekkana Second decanate of Cancer, the first of Scorpio and the last of Pisces (See Appendix)
Paramamitra Ninth star from the birth one
Patl Husband, seventh bouse
Patni Wife, seventh house
Phala Result. It is based on the causal law
Phaladata Planet that gives results
Pindakriya Offerings made to the dead ancestors
Pisacha Demon
Pitta Bile
Pradosha Twilight
Pramana That which demonstrates the truth of a given statement
Pramina Gulika For a day birth add 180° to the longitude of Gulika of the previous night. For a day birth the position of Gulika on that day Is the longitude
Pranakalantara A principle considered in Drigganita
Prana Sphuta Multiply the longitude ef the ascendant by 5 and add that of Mandi
Prasna Query
Prasnakriya Horary astrology. The act of putting questions and getting replies
Prasnakshara The letters in the query
Pratikarabali Sacrifice to avenge or to pacify a curse. It is offered to Jupiter and Venus Pratyak — The fifth star from the birth one Prayascltta — Expiatory rite Preta — The spirit of the recently dead one Prishthodaya — The signs Aries. Taurus, Cancer, Sagittarius and Capricorn
Prishthatogamana In Kalachakra system the movement is sometimes backwards from Leo to Gemini
Punya Vedic rite of purification
Purvasapa Corse given earlier
Putana The demon who wanted to kill Sri Krishna by suckling him Putra-Fifth house
Q Description
R Description
Rahu North node of the Moon Rahu-Sun-Moon chart This is explained on pages 169 and 170 with example
Raja A planet in exaltation
Raja Prasna Enquiry about the ruler
Rakshasagraha Demonaic spirit
Rakta Blood ruled by the Moon
Rakta Chamundi The blood red Deity
Randhra Eighth house
Ranimusta A plant
Rantukama A spirit desiring lex
Rasa Flavour. There are six called sweet, acid, salt, tour, bitter and hot
Rasi Sign of the zodiac. The Sattvik signs are Cancer, Leo, Sagittarius and Pisces. The Rajasik are Taurus, Gemini, Virgo and Libra. The Tamasik are the rest
Ravi The Sun. Rules bile
Riksha sandhi Junction of two signs or two constellations
Ripha Twelfth bouse
Ritu Season There are six seasons
Rodani Wailing
Rudragraha A spirit following Rudra
S Description
SadydrishtaDeath within one year
SahotthaThird house
SamaOne year
Samayajala SamriddhiThree signs from the Moon are of rising ebb. The next three fall or flow. Then three ebb or rise The last three fall or flow
SampalThe second star from the birth star
SandhiJunctional points. These are (a) the first and the last 24 minute of a lunar day and star, (b) the first and the last 2 minutes of a sign; and (c) the first and the last 24 seconds of a Navamsa
SaniSaturn. Rules tendons and wind
SanjnaTechnical terms
SaakalpaThe desire with which one undertakes to perform a rite
SankhabhishekaSprinkling ritual water on the Deity through a conch
SankhapusbpaA plant
SankrantiSolar ingren into a sign
SannipataCombined disorder of the three humours of the body causing dangerous fever
SaptavargaRasi, Hora, Drekkana, Saptamsa, Navamsa, Dvadasamsa and Trimsamsa
SarasvatiGoddess of learning
SaribaKusa or sacred grass
SarirotthaBodily ailment
SaipabaliSacrificial offering to propitiate the serpent Deity
Sarpa DrekkanaThe first decanate of Scorpio and the last ones of Cancer and Pisces
Sarpa SirasThe second half of Vyatipata Yoga
SarvashtakavargaA method whereby the strength or weakness of a planet or a house can be found out
SaitaAyyappa who is both Siva and Vishnu
SayanaTropical Zodiac. Deduct Ayanamsa to get the sidereal zodiac
SaumyagrahaMild or benefic spirit
ShadvargaThe same as Saptavarga minus Saptavarga
SiddharthaWhite mustard
SiddhiObtaining mastery of a maatra
Sighra VargaAsvini, Hasta, Pushyami
SimhaLeo; Lion
SimhavalokanaA leap in Kalachakra system from Pisces to Scorpio
SindhutthaA plant
SirshodayaThe signs are Gemini, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Aquarius
SivabhutaSpirit attending on Siva
SkandhaA branch of astronomy
SophaSwelling, tumour
SoshaniDrying up
SphutaCorrect longitude. Add the longitudes of the Ascendant, the Moon and Mandi to get Trisphuta. Add this to the Sun's to get Chatusphuta. Add this to Rahu to have Pancbasphuta
SraddhaOffering to the dead ancestors on the day of their death
SprishtangaThe sign corresponding to the organ touched by the querist
SrishtiAsvini is creative (srishti) constellation. Bharani is the sustaining one (sthiti). Krittika is the destructive one (sambara). The series are in this order
SthiraFixed signs
StungaThe numeral 74
SubbaNinth house
SubhakartariPlane; or house having benefics on both sides
SubrahmanyaA Deity, son of Siva
SudarsanaThe mantra for Vishnu
SudhapayasMilk in the form of nectar
SuklaSeminal fluid
SukraVenus. Rules seminal fluid, wind and phlegm
Sukshma TrisphutaThis is obtained by adding Prana, Deha and Mrityu sphutas
SulacakraAllocation of constellations with reference to the constellation through which the Sun is passing at birth or query
SulapaitachiA demon that caures suffering and pain
SutraThread; aphorism. Ordinary (anya) Sutra is determined by the ascendant. The ownership (Adhipati) Sutra is to be noted by the lords of the ascendant at birth and at the time of query Amsaka Sutra is arrived at from the Navamsa Lagna. Nakshatra Sutra is calculated by the birth star of the questioner and the asterism at the time of query. Mahasutra is worked out by Arudha and the tenth from it. These are respectively earthy, watery, fiery, aerial and ethereal
SvaSecond house
SvasthaDoing well. A question about health.
SvayambhuBrahma the creator.
T Description
TantraTexts dealing with the operation of the mantras.
TanuBody; first house.
TapaniMaking weak due to temperarture.
TiktakaKhadira tree.
TilahomaSacrificial offering or sesamum, Triyanmukha The sign to which the Sun will be moving.
TithiA lunar day. Rikta Tithis are 4, 8, 9, 14 of lunar month. These are Chidra tithis.
Trijanma nakshatraBirth star and the tenth and nineteenth from it
TriphalThree myrobalans called Hirda, Behada, and amlakathi.
TrivridPlant possessing valuable purgative properties.
TundgamsaExaltation degree in sign or in navamsa. Tvak Skin.
U Description
UbhayodayaThe sign Pisces
UdayalagnaThe sign rising at sunrise
UlkapataFall of meters
UpachayaHouse 3, 6, 11
UrdhvamukhaThe sign left by the Sun
UidhvodayaThese are Gemini, Leo, Virgo, Scorpio and Aquarius
UshnaSome period in each constelation
UttarayanaThe Suns's ingress into Capricorn till be leaves Gemini
V Description
VachaAromatic root
VakyaTraditional method of calculation
VargottamaPlanet occupies the same signs in Rasi and Navamsa
VarshaYear; Rainy season
VaraMarrow of flesh ruled by Jupiter
VashisaTendon, nerve; ruled by Saturn
VayutattvaSigns Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius
Vidhi RasiIf the Sun it in Taurus, Cancer Gemini or Leo, the sign is Aries. If he is in Scorpio, Capricorn or Aquarius, it it Gemini. If he is in the other signs, it Is Taurus.
VidjadharaA demigod
VikramaThird house
VilangaA plant
Vimsottari120 year system
Vimana SundaraA deity
VipatThird star from the birth star
ViraNumber 24
Visha drekkanaPint decaoates of Aries, Cancer, Leo. Virgo, Sagittarius, Capricorn and so on
Visha NadiStarting from Asvinl, the ghatis are 50, 24, 30, 4, 14, 11, 30, 20, 32, 30, 20, 18, 22, 20, 14. 14, 10, 14, 20, 24, 20, 10, 10, 18, 16, 24, 30
Vlshama VyadhlIncurable diseate
Virabhadra Follower of Shiva
VisvavyaghataPepper (Santh)
VriddhiPlanet in enemy's house
VrischikaliA plant
VyatipataSee notes on page 43
VyayaTwelfth house
W Description
X Description
Y Description
YakshaA demigod
Yama3.75 ghatis
YamikantakaA sensitive harmful point
YauvanaPlanet in its Moolatrfkona
YogaSee Chapter 2 and Verse 18
YogarishtaHarmful period for longevity
YogasphutaThe lign for Son and Moon and Saturn
YogayusLongevity given by the planets
YoginlA spiritual being
YoniIn Ashtamangala this refers to flag, smoke, lion, dog, ox, donkey, elephant and crow
Z Description