So far we’ve covered lines that are found on everyone’s hands. Fromhere on, we’ll be covering lines that not everyone has.The Destiny Line is the line that runs down the hand somewhere nearthe middle of the palm, starting near the wrist and running towards thefingers. It’s complicated because it can start anywhere near the base ofthe palm. However, it usually starts somewhere in the middle of thepalm, close to the wrist, and heads towards the Saturn (second) finger.

In the past, palmists believed that a long Destiny Line was anindication of great success. This is certainly not the case. Someonewith a long Destiny line but no motivation is not going to get very far.Beggars in India often have long destiny lines, and it simply meansthat they have followed this particular career all their lives.The Destiny line is also a sign of good fortune. People with it seem tobe protected. They’re able to avoid the pitfalls that people without oneencounter. They usually manage to do the right thing, almost as if theyare being guided to make the correct decision.

Absence of a Destiny line

Someone without a Destiny line may have a varied, interesting life,but will certainly never be driven to succeed in any specific field. Heor she will be like a ship without a rudder, buffeted first one way, thenanother. The absence of a Destiny line is often found in the palms ofmisfits, criminals, and people who overindulge in alcohol or drugs.Many years ago, in London, I read the palm of a wealthy self-madebusinessman and discovered he did not have a Destiny line. It turnedout that he made his money by buying and selling. He purchasedanything he could get cheaply and resell at a profit. One week hemight be selling computers, the next week clothing. He was verysuccessful, because he seized every opportunity he found, rather thanfollowing a specific career.

Starting positions

If the Destiny Line is attached to, or inside, the Life line, it denotes astrong family environment as the person was growing up. You couldsay:“Your Destiny Line starts inside your Life Line. When you weregrowing up, a family member had a strong influence on you. Thisperson gave you a strong sense of right and wrong, and this influenceremains with you always.”If the line starts away from the Life Line, nearer the centre of thehand, it denotes a more independent start in life. This could be anindication of a family that was not close. It may indicate your clientwent to a boarding school, or is an orphan. You might say to yourclient:“You have always liked to be a bit independent, right from the day youwere born. You prefer to do things your way, and don’t like beinghemmed in or restricted.”If the destiny line starts further than halfway across the palm, theindependence is emphasized even more. Someone with their Destinyline starting here is likely to enjoy a career dealing with the public.28If the Destiny Line starts almost on the wrist, the person will havedecided what they want to do and where they want to go, very early inlife. My doctor’s Destiny Line is like this. He decided to studymedicine as a very young child. When he left school, he went straightto university and then on to a career as a doctor. People like this arevery fortunate. I have met plenty of retired people who never quitefound out what they wanted to do with their lives!

Double Destiny line

You will find some people with more than one Destiny Line. This willbe a fine line on the thumb side of the Destiny Line. It indicates a timewhen the person was doing more than one important thing at a time. Itmay be an important career and en equally important hobby. It couldbe someone following up a career, but being just as involved withhome and family. It could also indicate a “Jack-of-all-trades”,someone who likes doing lots of different things at the same time.

Ending positions

Where the Destiny line ends is also important. If it curves slightly andends directly under the first finger, it shows an interest in politics,philosophy and sometimes law. This is an unusual ending position.The most common ending position is either under the second finger orbetween the second and third fingers. This denotes someone whofollows a fairly orthodox type of career. It could indicate someone inbanking, teaching, a trade of some sort, a business person, or any ofthe more typical type of occupations.If it ends below the third finger, it denotes a person involved in someform of creativity. It could indicate the person is an artist, musician,interior decorator, or any other creative career. 

I recently read thepalm of a florist, and she had a very well defined Destiny Line whichalmost touched her third finger.Occasionally, you will find a Destiny line that comes right across thepalm and ends under the little finger. This person is a borncommunicator and could be involved in any career utilizing his or herskills in this area. He or she may be an entertainer or sales person.29Some years ago I read the palm of an auctioneer with this type ofDestiny Line. Interestingly enough, he was a poor communicator indaily life, but in front of a crowd as an auctioneer, he could reallyperform and sell!