The sign of Leo begins approximately 30 to 31 days after the summer solstice. In the northern hemisphere, the days are still longer than the nights even though the hours of daylight continue to decrease. The dominance of sunlight is felt in the summer’s heat. The base or foundation in the forms of the home, the body, and the personality which were built during the Cancer phase now becomes the base or foundation for creative self-expression.

During the Leo phase, the plant puts forth its greatest blossoms. It must attract the bees and birds to help it pollinate. Leo represents self-expression, especially any forms of self-expression that help to attract a mate. During the Leo phase the unique personality of the individual is expressed creatively, emotionally, sexually, and artistically. What was personal and private is now presented and shared.

The Lion, as the symbol of Leo, represents the energy necessary for exploring new territory and the aggressiveness to protect it. The glyph of Leo represents the male lion, especially his head and mane.

  • Leo is traditionally ruled by the Sun. Leo is the detriment of Saturn as well as the detriment of Uranus. Leo is a fixed fire sign, meaning that it represents the concentration or buildup of enthusiasm, inspiration, and any form of spiritual energy.
  • Leo’s key words are usually expressed as I Will.
  • Leo relates to the heart and the backbone.
  • Leo represents emotions, creativity, sex, play, children, teaching, drama, theater, games, gambling, and competition. It is the life phase during which the emotions are released in some form which will, hopefully, impress and win over potential admirers. Leo represents the emotional creations of the personal ego. It represents physical creativity through the forms of sex, children, and sports. Leo expresses as bold, bossy, caring, courageous, creative, dominant, domineering, dramatic, ego-centric, enthusiastic, extravagant, powerful, proud, regal, self-assured, self-centered, selfish, strong, and willful.

Planets in Leo take on a stable, expressive, creative, forceful, and proud nature. Their activity becomes strongly tinged with an ego-centric, selfish, and, sometimes, almost narcissistic quality.When Leo is found on the cusp of a house, the individual may be quite creative and self-expressive in the affairs of this house. The individual may also become overly identified with the activities of this house.