Your Editor has informed me to write more about the Selection of Name and the Numerals to select for the same. He has also informed that some of the readers wanted to contact me in person.My appointment is not necessary once the readers started to do the exercise as I did without deviation. You should not adjust for anything and anybody. Again I never allow the client to change the name unless and other- wise warranted.

SI.No Particulars Numeral
1 Date of birth (only Date)-25 7
  Birth Date Total  
2 Date of birth (Date, month, year)-25.05.1978  
  Destiny total = 2+5+5+1+9+7+8=3+7=10 1
3 Month denoted by the Sun-Taurus  
  Taurus = Venus = 6
3 Time of birth (Hours separately) 14
  Total of the Birth hour = 1 = 4 = 5
4 Time of birth (Minutes separately) 0
  To be divided by 4 Take Quotient 00/ 4 = 0
5 Lagna Sign-Virgo  
  Virgo = Mercury 5
6 Moon Sign-Sagittarius  
  Sagittarius = Jupiter = 3
7 Lagna Star -Uttära Phalguni  
  Uttära Phalguni = Sun 1
8 Moon Star -Poorva Ashada  
  Poorva Ashada = Venus 6
9 Name used at present -S. Padmini  
10 Name total - Cheiro system = 3. 814415 =27= 9
  Vowels Total (a,e,i,o,u) 3  
  Constant Total =27 - 3= 24  
11 Grand Father's Name Elumalai
12 Father's name S(aravanan)
13 Mother's Name Suseela
14 Running Dasa Mars

Mars dasa is running. Mars lis the Lord of 3rd and 8th and infllth house. So the houses in operation are 3, 8, 11.

The selection of the name Total should be based on Birth Date Total and Destiny Total. The permutation and combination of Birth Date and Destiny should be worked out for each and every case. The name total already available is 9, which is not favorable to the native, who is having BOTas 7 and Destiny NO.27 - Hard work will yield Fame wealth; Power; Post etc., God's blessing is there. Not advisable for No.2 and No. 7. The efforts put by the native may not yield the expected results and the stress and strain will be more for achieving the desired results. 

The native has Rahu In the Lagna and from the childhood there was very little faith in God and so the God's blessing was also not there for her. No.5 repeated twice, No.6 repeated twice, No.l repeated twice. I decided to give No. 5 to her. How and why I selected No-5 to the native will be explained later. I will also explain how to select Numbers based on Birth Date and Destiny No. You should not change the name entirely. You should add or delete certain alphabets so that the name total can be in 5. The No.5 can be in 32, or 41. After 27, the next available number is 32. 

Again you should not select the compound Nos. just like that. I will give you full detail of the Numbers and their signification below. People governed by this number can make very good leaders, diplomats, politicians and peace-makers. Their mass arid popular appeal is never in doubt, They are warm-hearted, considerate and kind, but sometimes in the name of discipline or organizational success and unity they are likely to become hardy overbearing and aggressive.

The name available total is 27. So I preferred to add 5 to make it 32, Her father's initial is "E" and if added, the name total would be 32. The proposed name change is " E. Sa Padmini “.The Numbers and the signification of the numbers discussed would be brief enough but not exhaustive, Have an empty, clean mindset and develop your imagination beyond and according to your experience gained in this field. You keep this with you as a permanent record and revise whenever necessary. 

  • NO. 1 Total is rare. If had, lot of problems. Advisable only for House, Vehicle to have Best favours. Name in the single Number is not possible, and-impossible. This can not be used for the cpmpound name total.
  • NO.2 Lack of confidence. No improvements. Worries only. Improvement will not be permanent. Again name in this single Number is also not possible, and impossible. This can not be used for the compound name total.
  • NO.3 Planned Work; Improvement in business and in Life: Happiness. Well educated. 
  • NO.4 Useful only for others and not for self; Coward; Ill health; Get bad name due to talkative. 
  • NO,5 Comes to top position; Always on improvement; Clear in earnings; Good guide; God faith; Good life.
  • NO.6 Quiet; Lot of friends; Good Planner; Good life; All aspects in life are Good. 
  • NO.7 Influenced by god's faith; Guide to others; Personal life is not good. 
  • NO.8 Achieve their target inspite of great difficulties, Lot of difficulties always. 
  • NO,9 Go aboard, Always with opposition; Confident; Well off in lå'ter half of life only. 
  • NO.I0 Reach top position; Fame; Earns lot of money. When had money, becomes lazy. With good wealth. 
  • NO. 11 No confidence; Confused; God's faith; Little improvement in life. Advisable for 7 only. 
  • NO. 12 Social Worker; Talkative; Helpful for others. Not peaceful in personal life. 
  • NO. 13 If had Earns money and gets bad name due to ladies. Advis- able forl & 6. Not much favoured number. 
  • NO. 14 Luckiest; Lot of friends; Lot of business friends; If not involved in love affairs, good Fortune. 
  • NO. 15 All wealth are available. Active. Lot of business; Wealthiest. Not advisablefor 3. 
  • NO. 16 If faithful to God, can lead good life. Else doWnfall is sure. Advisable for 2. 
  • NO.17 Wants to create History; Always in struggle. Bad name will be there. 
  • NO. 18 Bad activities: No good life. Not advisable for anybody. 
  • NO. 19 Always improvement; wealth; health; leader Good life; own seléction of spouse; straight forward 
  • NO.20 Peace maker; Guide; Helpful to others; Soft; Very bad, when angry, If selfish, only downfall. 
  • NO.21 First half troubles; Il half good; Wealth; Power: Good family life, Top position. Not Advisable for 6, 
  • NO.22 No permanent Improvement; Lot of failure; Clear; Indulge in bad activities to earn money. Escape problems. 
  • NO.23 Attractive; Always success; Lot of people around; earns profit in all business; Always active; Advisable for 8. 
  • NO.24 Improvement due to spouse: Success always; Powerful in position; Not Advisable for 3. 
  • NO.25 Always in trouble; Writer; Speaker; Leader; Not Happy in life due to straight forwardness: Advisable for 2.