Astrology is an important part that always travels along with Numerology. So always consider Astrology, while doing prediction on Numerology. Simply advising people with lucky numbers, gems etc., based on date of birth alone will definitely lead to major unsuccessful dealings.Astrology is the foremost essential to become a successful Numerologist. Here is a practical incident that will clearly explain it. An aged government staff who is approaching his retirement wanted a transfer to another department.

Based on someones advises or through his inner assumptions he approached me. His intention is to gain more administrative powers that can gain him monetary benefits. Already he is in his own town only. Some numerologist were already consulted for this and based on their recommendation, he was ready to implement the modification proposed by them. He wanted to get approval from me because my solutions were strict and promising. I never hesitate to say ‘no’ in the face, but remember that has got a lot of homework behind.

Remember, not all name changes would lead to transformation.  Or, not all problem can be solved by name change. For this case, I had to refuse, various reasons behind, including this horoscope was not available for reference.

Some of the best practices that I can highlight here are

  • Never operate in a hurry situation
  • Seek for Astrology chart, beyond Name, Date, time, year of birth and place of birth
  • Name change is not a “Must” solution always
  • Be loyal to God and profession, not to money
  • Timing for name change is also important. Dasa period is the key here and it should be favourable
  • Muhurtam should be considered for the gazette and next steps
Date of Birth YYYY.MM.DD
Mercury dasa balance 1949.08.13
Ketu dasa - total years 07.08.04
Venus dasa - total years 07.08.04
Sun dasa - total years 06.00.00
Moon dasa - total years 10.00.00
Mars dasa - total years 07.00.00
Mars dasa will end as on 2007.04.17

My advise to him before which I took my consulting fees is that, name change is not advisable up to your retirement is complete.Now let us look into the horoscopeDate of birth is 13-08-1949 with the balance of Mercury Dasa’s. He was running Mars Dasa. Since he is a State Government employee, he can serve only up to 58 years in service. It ends by 31.08.2007. Almost the time when he met me. During the Rahu Dasa / Rahu Bhuthi. Now let us see the Dasa details.

In Numerology the first and foremost point is to see the horoscope of the client, who come for the Name change, if he / she is having Date of birth and other required details. Ignoring the birth details, and doing numerology changes will damage the existing blessings of the client. Once you have the horoscope, you have to compulsorily see the Dasa in operation and to find out whether the Dasa in operation is favorable for any change or not. Simply changing the name for the satisfaction of the client should not be your motive. You should be ready to say NO when you want look at the to say NO. You should be loyal to the God and not to money. Chart now. 

Mars is the Lord of 5th and 10th house placed in 12th house and in the constellation of Jupiter who is the Lord of 6th and 9th and in 7th house. The significator of Mars are 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, and 12th houses. As I said earlier, he is service represented by the 6th house. There is also the indication of the 5th house, which is the 1? house to 6th house. Again there is also indication of 12th house, which represents expenditure, and losses.

The 7th house and 10th houses are representing stress and strain and the 9th house is the 4th house to 6tt house. Though there will be some gain in the Service, there are also indications of losses and expenses. On the whole, this Mars Dasa is not favorable for the native. And any change being made in this Dasa will give adverse result alone. Already he is at the end of the Mars Dasa. Now let us see the same from the other angle. Note the Mars Stars available places.

They are in Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Capricorn and Aquarius, for this native the Taurus is the 11th house. So the houses, which represented by Mars, are 11, 12, 3, 4, 7, and 8th houses. native is in the last 1/3 rd of the Mars Dasa period and the houses in operation are 7th and 8th. We cannot expect any favorable results during this period. Advising to change the name in the Bad Dasa will be a major fatal error in Numerology. So I advised him not to do any Name change up to his retirement on anybody's advises without my permission and I said that it would do harm.