Do you think now that changing a name is possible from the date of birth details alone? You need to connect the Date of Birth, Time of Birth, Place of Birth, Your Planetary positions, lagna, and moon details.

There are many instances where people changed their names and become most successful and famous. But it requires a great and enormous efforts to do the alternation in a given name. Simply adding "aaa" or 'hh' extra will do much harmful than ever. Life becomes miserable, if you change your name without looking after your planetary position in your horoscope, especially your Ascendant, Moon's position and your 6, 8, and 12 houses and their Lords. And it is not advisable to change name often. Adding certain letter for some time and deleting letters for some time will do much damage at a later date.

Changing a name should not be done during a good data period. The change should not be done with a complete change in the existing name. Say for e.g. A name Sachin Tendulkar should not be changed to Balaji or Ramesh totally changing the Vibration of the existing name. Moreover it will take a few months to get the desired results with the changed name. So total dedication and faith are needed whenever a need arises to change the name. Always remember that a name change is not a solution.

Through numerology, your lifestyle will receive an uplift. Your thought processes would change and help you to realize your actual capacity. What best you can achieve and how can you achieve and will be stimulated to the best. Suppose you are '4' number person. The number indicates friends, money and difference and the success in your pursuits only with the help of others. That is to say you cannot achieve independently in a particular task without the help of others. The number of '41 persons need friends and their help. They need the influence of others to complete their task. Similarly we have to know the other numbers characteristics.

All you have to do is to go thorough the lessons and learn by heart. The numbers are classified into 3 categories. It is known as

  • Material vibrations - The Numbers 1, 4, and 7 are called as Material vibration people.
  • Emotional vibrations - Numbers 2, 5, and 8 are called as emotional vibration people.
  • Mental vibrations - Numbers 3, 6, and 9 are called as mental vibration people.

This can be regrouped for easy remembering as follows
2, 4, and 8                         2, 4, and 8 
1, 5, and 7                         1, 5, and 7         
3, 6, and 9                         3, 6, and 9 
( and 3 will have additional set of attraction 1, 5 & 7) 

Destiny Numbers Attracted Destiny Numbers get attracting
1 3, 5 , 7
2 4 and 8
3 6, 9 and 1, 6 and 7
4 2 and 8
5 1, 3 and 7
6 3 and 9
7 1,3 and 5
8 2 and 4
9 3 and 6

Learn and understand this combination to the core as this is the basic. Correlating this combination with vibration characters, we can have No. 1 is a material vibration people are harmonious to No.7 oftheir group of people, No.5 of emotional group and No.3 of mental group. This is can be tabled as follows:- 

Destiny NumbersHarmoniousMaterialEmotionalMental
31 & 756 & 9
4-2 & 83
51 & 7-3 & 9
9--3 & 6
Planets Numbers
Sun 1
Moon 2
Mercury 5
Jupiter 3
Venus 6
Saturn 8
Raghu 4
Kethu 7

The destiny number is the total of your Date, month and year of birth. Suppose if a person born on 25th November 1960, the Destiny number would be (2 + 5+1 + 1 +1 + 9+6 +0 z) 25 again 2 7 and the destiny number of the person would be 7 and the number is having harmonious to 1 3, and 5 people. 

The planets and the numbers they control as follows:

This can be linked to the weekdays of Sunday to Saturday. The number 4 is allotted to Rahu and 7 is allotted to Ketu. The allotment of Uranus and Neptune to 4 and 7 respectively by westerners are subject to dispute.