Some people gets into a career based on their preferred education, some people end up taking up a job which is no-way related to their education.Today we see a lot of college passout's getting into BPO, call centers after completing B.E, B.Sc, M.C.A kind of degrees. I've seen some of the engineering graduates sitting in a loan department for many years without knowing what to do.It is always been possible to foresee, predict an individuals career part through astrology counsel the individuals.  A horoscope having a good 4th house and in conjuntion with 10th house ensures that he/she starts a business based on his studied education.

One of my clients son has completed B.E, M.E and at the stage of completing his PH.D. This situation didnt arise naturally, but he didnt get selected in campus interviews though he had good acedemic track record.An individual who has an exhaulted Jupiter, Venus, Mercury in 2,4 or 10th house with good aspects completes more degrees than the normal community. With a proper running dasa, the individual will also go to abroad and study.  This is a special type of yoga.An exhalted Mercury also leads them to have a good track record in pursuing more degrees.Its connection to 10th house leads to career in education itselves.Similarly a good 4th house in conjunction with 6th house and proper dasa period on completion of his education will ensure him to get into proper Job. A well practiced astrologer will be able to identify whether the individual will end up in Government Job, Business or Private Company.

A properly defined 4th and 10th house ensures the individuals gets into a proper job on this preference and helps the community.Some people exist in a leadership position for a long time, others sometimes lose it very shortly. Candidates who have a strong Mars in their horoscope usually get another position even if they lose their existing one.  It may be internal or external too.In general, people who take up a key position should think about the date, time they take over the responsibility.  In current situation, their joining dates.Nakshatras like Rohini, Tiruvonam, Pusam, Uthirathi, uthiram, Rasi's like Tarus, Cancer, Leo, kumbam, Scoripio, Weekdays like Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday,Hora like Jupiter, Mercury, Venus are the best ones to take over a particular responsibility.Some of my clients used to ask like how i can select these days. Usually the companies which offer a position will not look for the same.My Advice to them would be that you start on those time, date etc for the same.Most of the researchers and politicians already follow these methods to secure their positions

Success in Business

10th House, 10th lord and his aspects signifies the professional part of an individual in business. Infact 10th and 11th lord's mutual aspect is very important for the individual to gain success and profits from the profession.  People who have good talents sometimes enter into business and make some good contracts.  However they would struggle due to various expenditure and other issues that they cant overcome.  11th house influence is always required for the person to receive the end result of the same.I used to suggest those kind of people to partner with people who have a good 11th house which will make the overall business profitable.  Again your horoscope should have the ability to work with partner.Inspite of many competitors in the same business, they have succedded and continue to make profits.

Music as a Profession

Venus and Mercury plays a very important role in an individuals horoscope to become a music artist.  Vaaku sthanam i.e. 2nd house occupied by Venus, Mercury or 2nd house with Venus exhalted or his own house grants the individual to gain a good voice and knowledge on Music.  These positions will also influence the individual to spend time and gain interest on those areas.  People born on Taurus, Rohini nakshatra having Venus in rohini nakshatra will gain Mastro type of position in Music field.

Who Succeeds in Beauty Contest and makes a Career in it

Miss World, Miss Universe kind of beauty contests are popular among many young females today. To succeed in these beauty contests, 10th house of the individual should be occupied by Moon and be a comfortable position.An individual born in Taurus lagna, having venus in exhaulted sign and having moon in taurus in one of the amazing position for an individual to be successful in Beauty contests.Having Moon or Venus connected to 10th lord in Navamsa chart is another amazing position for an indivudal to succeed in Beauty contents

Who succeeds as a Doctor

Exhaltation of 4th lord who gets Mercury's aspect has a great potential to become a doctor.The place where lagna lord resides also becomes important.  The lord of that house, if exhalted and be in Kendra.  This is a special yoga that stimulates the individual to perform researches in this subject and become a popular doctor

Who succeeds in handling Cosmetic Products?

When 10th house is been occupied by Venus and Saturn and equally strong.When 10th lord becomes Venus and he is in nakshatra of Saturn makes them to get into profession of manufacturing, handling cosmetic products