Ganita is the mathematical part of astrology, Phalita deals with the predictive part and Samhita is the division where Vastu, weather forecasting related aspects and other natural phenomena comes into picture. Vastu is an integral part of Astrology. Vaastu is-applied at Micro as well as Macro level, for every room, every house, every temple, every shop, industry, town planning, cities and even for earth. It is best to practice Vaastu from the initial stage i.e. when purchasing or renting an accommodation for office or for residence.Buying a plot of land and designing a home. .

  •  Aya, increase or profiti 
  •  Vyaya, decrease or loss, 
  •  Rksa or Nakshatra, 
  •  Yoni or source or the orientation of the building, 
  •  Vara (week day) or the solar day: and 
  •  Tithi or the lunar day. 

Astrology consists of three main divisions

  • Ganita
  • Phalita and
  • Samhita

Every plot, piece of land and/or building is said to have life and hence, has to be built to prefect proportions based on certain formulae. When a building is so constructed, it is ensuredof long life and the residents live happily with good health, wealth and prosperity. These formulae called Ayadi Shadvarga are, 

One can also realign any existing structure in the event of unresolved problems at home or work in the light of Vaastu principles as it aims at removing the obstacles so that the energy may flow freely, creating harmony with nature. It actually takes a bit of effort to properly design a home or office where one spends maximum time and aspires for growth and prosperity. It is particularly we the professional people spend most of our active time in office.It is necessary that Vastu, which dates back to many centuries back is understood properly and adapted to modern and changed conditions of construction and living.The following guidelines are general in nature and you should not blame me for the mistakes of your building design and for theawrong decision you have taken while purchasing and constructing

  • The First and foremost principle of Vaastu is not to demolish/alter the structures and don't re-model the home / office unless and otherwise it is warranted.

  • The Second and best principle of Vaastu is to call the person who is having the expertise knowledge on the subject and not the person do it as a means of his living,

  • The Third and most convincing principle is that to use the Common sense knowledge of applying the General Direction Theorv. You should believe in the Nature and its structural designs. Unless the earth allows you to stand, vou can not live. So any constructionshould be based always on this General Direction Theory. You need not worry much for understanding this G.D.Theory. Very simple to understand and follow. But little learning of Vaastu and doing all corrections by your self is the most dangerous thing. 

  • Before going into the subject, my advise is not to undertake  demolition / alteration of the building walls or part of it or a portion of it unless you are doubly sure that all your troubles are only and purely because of the wrong design and not because of your bad Dasa / Bhuthi / Andras

    Without knowing astrology, Vaastu is just a theory topic to read. Vaastu is part of Astrology.  The people who talk of Vaastu as if it was originated exclusive for them and they are the only blessed persons to do the Vaastu corrections and suggestions are something which can be discussed outside this article. I don’t want to touch it hear to ensure you get the right things learned first.

    Adopt simple Techniques -Do not complicate the matter by consulting every now and then with a Vaastu specialist. A few tips to begin with, Create a Pooja Room (either separately or in the Wall) facing east. Have a Lamp and let the light burn for at least for an hour or more everyday Morning or evening. Fix a small Lord Ganesh Photo in the sitting position on the Main door of the house. Place a Chinese Man carrying Golden Bag (a small piece of Art is enough either in clay or Plaster of Paris) facing the Main Door of the house.

    Keep Lords Photos inside the Pooja Room. It is better to avoid placing the Family Menffers photos along W'ith the Lords Photos, which is not correct.Keep the South-West corner tightly' closed. You can keep the Air- conditioner Machines or heavy weight in the South-West corner. Never keep Windows in the South-West corner: If available. keep closed. That's all. Do not worry more and spoil the windows and the building structure. The sceptic Tank or Toilet sliould not be constructed in the North-East corner at any cost.

    If North-East corner is not available freely, place a Scenery' Pictures of Falling Water or Running River Water or. Fishes.

    • Each direction is governed by a Planet and the God. Either you believe it not, it is true as Air is available for you to breathe. The general guidance for Building Design
    • The entrance / opening should be made on the North and East side of the house.
    • The open space left in North and East should be more than South and West.
    • The construction should be in the South, West and South-West portion of the plot.
    • All doors should open inside so that the energy may remain inside.
    • The main door should not be obstructed in any way from inside or outside.
    • The doors should open towards right hand.
    • No doors or windows should be provided on South-West side.
    • There should not be 5 corners in the ceiling of anv room.
    • A fountain in the North-East and a light in the South-East are favourable.
    • Growing creepers / climbers with support on any wall to be avoided.
    • Trees of any kind should not be grown in Eastefn or Northern, North-East directions.
    • Only-small plant can be grown in North, East. and North-East.

    Similarly General Guidance for Office Interior.

    • The Central point of an office should be empty.
    • The owner's seat facing East or North. West is also permissible for Defence. Police and other agencies who are dealing with law and order. But South facing should be avoided.
    • There must always be a solid wall behind the owner's seat.
    • The owner es desk must always be rectangular.
    • All sensitive documents to be kept in North-East.
    • In the Office. the temple should not be placed at the back of the owner's seat.
    • Computers and TVS should be placed in South-East corner of the living room or study room. They should not be placed in the North-East corner.
    • Telephones to be placed in the Sooth-East or North-West corner but not in the South-West or North-east.
    • Except Rose and a few medicinal plants, all thorny plants give rise to tensions - in the environment. Cactus should not be planted or kept in the house or office. Lime or Karonda etc. may be grown in an orchard but not in residence or business premises

    Importance of Muhurtha in Vastu

    Muhurtha is another aspect of house building. It comes into play at four stages of construction viz., digging of a well, laying of the foundation, placing the main door-frame or Vasakal and finally the first entry into the new house or Grihapravesam. According to Muhurtha Sastra, house building is not advised in the lunar months of Jyeshta, Ashada, Bhadrapad Aswiyuja, Margasira, Pushya and Phalguna. The favorable lunar months are Chaitra, Vaisakha, Sravana and Magha and Kartika All odd This except the 9th is good. Of the even This, the 2nd 6th and 10th can be selected. Of the weekdays, Thursday and Friday are the best. The rising sign or Lagna should be a fixed sign. The Lagna should be fortified by the disposition of malefics in 3rd 6th and 11th houses and benefits in Kendras and trines. The 8th house should be vacant without the aspect of a malefic planet.

    For digging of wells, select Revati, Uttarabhadra, Hasta, Anuradha, Makha, Sravana, Rohini or Pushyami. Let the rising sign be Pisces, Cancer or Capricorn. The main door-frame can be fixed when the Lagna is a fixed sign. Wednesday and Friday are good if ruled by beneficial lunar day. Grihapravesam can be done when the Sun is in Uttarayana, i.e. from January to June of each year, Jupiter and Venus should be strongly disposed. Lunar months of Vaisakha, Jyeshta, Magha and Phalguna are the best. Kartika and Margasira may be considered. The weekdays Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are good. The Lagna should be a fixed sign. Grihapravesam is normally not recommended when the lady of the house is in an advanced stage of pregnancy.