MARRIAGE, BROTHERS& SISTERS, DIVORCE, GREEN CARD Problems? Thanks for the overwhelming response for my articles about sukkra. I am continuing the other interesting aspects of Sukkra and its influence to our day-to-day life depends on its different placement this week too. Having the Sukkra (Venus) in the 6th House in our Kundali / Chart, means, the concerned person is a ugly personality, very medium Life span, delay in Marriage, lot of troubles from enemies, Poverty, are the Possibilities.

However if the Sukkra gets the Asthamana Position or sitting in the Paava Grahas house, Makes a person as a very intelligent in their community, Especially for the Rishaba Raasi People, having Sukkra in the 6th house, gives very top education, and success from the enemies. . If it is for the Male, means, the concerned person could get married only after the age of 32 years. For the Thula Raasi people, having the Sukkra in the 6 Th house gives Vibareetha Raaja Yoga. Getting famous in the movie line and the highest income from the same source are the possibilities.

Having the Sukkra in the 7th House, makes a person be a beautiful and an attractive personality, very kind-hearted, appreciated by a lot of people, having a lot of male children, hard-working character are the possibilities. However from the Sukkra, if somebody has the Paava Grahas in the 4th 8th houses leads to stressful Marriage life, loosing the life partner, getting second Marriage are the possibilities. Having the Sukkra in the 8 the house, makes a person to live in Abroad, getting lifelong problems, Government related problems, getting into frequent accidents, loosing the good health of the Mother, loving the meat Products to eat very much, a lot of loan issues are the possibilities. For Meena Lagnaa people, having the Sukkra in the 8th House would lead to long living Yoga, and at the same time getting the problems from the Younger Brother and or Sisters are the possibilities. For Simma Lagnaa People, Sukkra in the 8th House gives Excellency in the Business, and also Movie related, ladies related products business would bring excellent Good Luck. Having the Sukkra in the 9th House, leads to profit and income from a lot of resources, winning the enemies, Good name and fame, Good Marriage, Good Children, long living are the possibilities. Having the Sukkra in the 10th House leads a person to make money in a very proper manner, Highly religious people, a lot of religious donations, praised by a lot of people, Life to live like a Maharaja, and especially for the Mithuna Lagnaa people, they could make abnormal income through the Export and Import business, and for the Makkara Lagnaa people getting the Support from their Children are the Possibilities.

Having the Sukkra in the 11th House, gives long life, lot of female Children, lot of Fixed assets, Highly religious minded, love the Beautiful girls, getting connected to lot of beautiful girls, are the possibilities, Especially for the Rishaba lagnaa people, they would get tremendous success through the Movie related Business. Having the Sukkra in the 12th house gets a lot of Expenses, a lot of female children, a lot of problems in the financial position, loosing money in a lot of unwanted ways, ladies related Diseases, eyes and kidney related problems are the Possibilities.

By properly analyzing the Sukkra position in our chart/ Kundali, we would be able to resolve a lot of our Sexual issues and sexual related organs issues, and we could gain a lot of wealth in the world. Sukkra is an Asura Guru. A lot of marriage-related Relationships related, sexual related, Sexual organs related issues, are a lot of times caused by the Imbalance power of the Sukkra. However, always an Imbalance could be balanced, and the only thing which we need to find out, how to make the imbalance to be balanced. Consult a proper Vedic Atharva Veda Scholar, and not the so-called world famous Astrologers, Swamijis.