Marriage issues/Court Cases/ Property Issues/Children Problems/ Black Magic?

Hari om. This week, I am continuing the other interesting aspects and the influence of the Graha Mangal/ Mars according to the different position in our Kundali/ Chart. Having the Mangal in the 7th House from the Lagna, may get a possibility to live in Abroad. Chances to get in to unwanted activities, If the same Mangal is joined with some paava Grahas (Sin grahas) leads to lot of chances to mingle with lot of Widow women's Physically, and with lot of Girls or Boys wrong Physical connections too. Chances to loose Wife by accidents, Surgery, Fire, Poison etc.,

This rule will not apply for the Thulam, Rishabam, and for Katagam Lagna people. Contrary to the above difficulties, the Mangal would do lot of good things for them. Having the Mangal in the 8 Th House, leads to problems through Motor Cars, Accidents, and Government related punishments. For the females, lot of Menses and Uterus related problems are the possibilities. Only medium life, and chances to get problems in the Father relationship However, for the Mithuna lagna, it is a good luck to get Prosperous after Marriage, for Kanya Lagna, getting long living and for the Mesha Lagna people, not much difficulty in their life.

Having Mangal in the 9 th house makes somebody to be a very innocent personalities, gives lot of Health troubles, loosing of Ancestral Properties, Government Problems, Slavery Job etc., This rule cannot be applied for the Simmam, Rishabam, Lagna people. Especially for the Rishabam Lagna people, these kinds of Mangal position, makes a concerned person to get married to somebody, who settled properly in Abroad. Also if Mangal gets Uccham/ Top power ,leads a person to get excellent benefits through the friendship of a Widow Lady.

Having the Mangal in the 10 Th house, makes somebody, as a successful real estate oriented personality, Good progress in the Business& Properties. Friends help, good position in the Politics, good support from the brothers and sisters, very good education, excellent name and fame. Having the Mangal in the 11th House leads a person to get Government related Awards, winning the Enemies, praised by the relatives and friends, problems in the Child issues. Also if the 4, 5, 9, 10 th House lords joining with the Mangal in the 11th House makes a person to be a Minister and also having the Guru and Mangal in the 11 th House in a Uccham position and Guru in the Neecha Banga Raja Yoga position makes a person to be a Millionaire and a LEADEER for a group or for the society or for a country.

Having the Mangal in the 12 th House, gives lot of Drainage, mentality to make money in a short cut ways, Delayed Success, relationship issues, unsuccessful married life, having injuries often in the Body, court cases are the possibilities. This rule will not apply for the Rishabam, Dhanur, Kumbam Lagna People. Also having the Mangal in the 12 Th house and if the same is going to be the own House of Mangal makes a person with a Raaja Yogam. `Mangal also gives very Excellent Yogams/ Benefits according to the Uccham Placement in the kundali. .Few of the Yogams are as follows. Having a Mangal in any one of The 3, 6, 10, 11 th with Powerful Mangal gets unexpected Top positions in the Government, Big Money etc., Having the Mangal in the Mesham / Airies house with 7 Degrees or in Mithunam /Geminide House with 21 Degrees gives RAAJA YOGAM.

Mangal getting a Kendra Power with Ruling and Uccham power is called as RUCHHA YOGAM, one of the Very Special Yogan according to the Vedic Astrology. leads a person to get good Physique, Braveness, beautiful eyes, Absorbance face , etc., . Having the combination of Mangal, Buddha, Surya, and having the Mangal more than 10Degree from the Surya, makes a person as a Millionarie.Combination of Mangal and Saturn makes a person to be a big and famous Engineer. Combination of Mangal and Moon /Chandra makes a person to lead in Chemical and Pharmacy oriented Business Mangal plays a vital role in everybody's Kundali/ Chart. By properly analyzing the chart through a proper Atharva Veda scholar, definitely any kinds of issues and Problems could be settled very easily. Especially, delay Marriage, Divorce, Relationship issues, Property related issues and court cases, Police and Criminal cases, Evil effects and Black Magic, accidents are very much related to the good and bad influence of the Mangal/ Mars. Consult the best and do it right at the first time.