Trines (Tricona) Houses – 1 /5/ 9

With their location forming a triangle relative to the ascendant, these are the most auspicious houses of all. The planets residing in a trine get closely associated with destiny and hence gain strength. These houses can be understood as our divine connection giving us very little control over the functioning of these houses, though in the moments of deep awareness we can establish a deeper divine connection and hence allow these houses to unravel their meaning. While, the placement of benefic planets easens the flow of destiny, the placement of malefic planets could cause challenges to be faced by the soul and hence require one to connect with the mystical inner selves.

Angles (Kendra) Houses – 1/4/7/10

These are considered the most powerful houses of all, as they lead to emphatic manifestations in life. Planets situated in angles are considered strong and active which help them accomplish their potential. Angular houses are similar to movable or cardinal signs, as they are sharp energetic and decisive. They give power for achievement and a strong will in life. Benefic planets in angles lead to powerful manifestations with small effort, while malefic planets can cause struggle and pose challenges for accomplishments.

Upachaya Houses- 3 / 6 / 11

Upachaya means “improvement”. These are the houses over which one has the maximum amount of control. They create a certain amount of tension which drives one to improve life’s situations. These houses have a competitive edge to them. Life improves and gets better over time with these houses. Natural malefics like Mars, Saturn and Rahu do well in these houses and give the power to overcome difficulties.

Dustana Houses – 6 / 8 /12

These houses primarily deal with suffering, and mainly ill health. They are the most difficult of all, ruling disease, death, loss and sorrow. Sometimes referred to as the Trik houses, these houses, especially the 8th and 12th, are difficult points because they are the places of transition, which connect one to the unknown and mysterious and hence lead one to lose control over life. Benefic planets located in them are weakened and can cause problems. Malefics planets can magnify their ill effects (except in 6th house) and cause major adverse incidents.

The Four Aims of Life

As described in Vedas, there are four objectives of life, one aspires to achieve - Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha. Each of the twelve houses is connected with these four aims.

Dharma Houses – 1 / 5 / 9

These houses relate to our sense of purpose and the spirit that moves us. The first house is the self, our sense of who we are, our spirit. The fifth house is the inspiration of the sense of purpose through creative expression. The ninth house is our spiritual beliefs and truths. It is the realization of our spiritual connection to all through the spirit.

Artha Houses - 2 / 6 / 10

These houses are about our material achievements, and the recognition gained from them. While the second house is about all forms of material possessions gained, including wealth, the sixth house is the urge to improve through hard work, and the tenth house is the public recognition received through career.

Kama Houses - 3 / 7 / 11

These houses are about fulfillment of our desires, as we play out our role in the world. The third house is about our self expression and communication to relate with others, the seventh is the joy achieved out of a lifelong relationship, and the eleventh is accomplishment in fame, money and friendships.

Moksha Houses – 4 / 8/ 12

Of all the aims of life, Moksha is the ultimate goal. These are the houses that liberate or free the soul from the bindings of earthly karma. They deal with the past, with fear based emotions, and with the essence of the soul. The Fourth house is all about gaining the ultimate security by devoting oneself to the God, the eighth house is our connection to the mysterious, which can cause events outside of our control and hence leaves the ego crushed. The twelfth house, on the other hand, is about the immense joy one feels within themselves, which can release all attachments to the world.