Children problems? / Court cases Litigations? /Mother, brother& sisters Problems? I am continuing the importance of the other Houses of an Astrological chart this week too. The 3rd House/ Bhaavam; Having a Saturn / Sani in the 3rd house with the influence of Mars/ Mangal restricts younger brothers and sisters birth, however, if the 3rd House has got the transit or influence of Guru, would give younger Brothers or sisters. Having the sani in the 3rd house is a wonderful Yogam, whereas if the same Saturn is mixed with Raaghu leads to an accident and getting problems to hands and legs. The person cannot have brothers and sisters if they have Surya in the 3rd House. However, if they are going to have brothers or sisters, they will not live for a long time. Having any one of Guru, Sukkra, Buddha in the 3rd house leads to betterment in the life through the Brothers and sisters. Having Sukkra joining with Sani or with Raaghu would lead to problems through poisons. The 4th House/ Bhaavam; Having a strong Mangal and Surya in the 4th House would lead to a lot of health troubles for the Mother. Mangal in the 4th House would give danger through fire, in some part of their life. Having Guru in the 4th House would give Happiness. If the Paava Grahas are not powerful in the 4th house the same leads to a lot of problems in the family always.

However having the Moon in the 4th house leads to luxurious living, and getting good support from the father and long life for the Mother. Having the 4th House Athiipathy or having a stronger Graha in the 4th House gives good and excellent Knowledge, good support from the father, blessings from the Lord Vishnu. Having Surya in the 4th House with the influence of Sani, Raaghu, Mangal leads to early death of the father, Heart Diseases, problems from the Government sector etc.,

The 5th House/ Bhaavam; if the 5th House Athipathi gets power in the chart gives good lucky Children. Having Surya in the 5th House, the concerned person would be a hot-tempered person. They may get big problems with their legs. Having the Mangal in the 5th house leads to a lot of mental stress and material drainage through their children. Having Sani in the 5th House leads to Hiranya Diseases. Having Buddha or Chandra in the 5th House would give Female children, at the same time having sukkra gives both Male and female issues, However, having the Guru in the 5th House would give only Male Children. Having the Pave Grahams in the 5th House would lead to a lot of Children problems. If the Surya has seen by the Subha Grahas would give beautiful male children. The 6th House/Bhaavam; Having the Subha Grahas in the 6th House or having the influence of the SubhaGrahas to the 6th House would give Excellency in the Job and Government oriented Services. Having the Subha grahas in the 6th House is a very good luck one for the people into milk oriented Business. Having Sani or Raaghu in the 6th House would lead to Death of the Maternity uncle in an early age. Having Guru in the 6th HOUSE WOULD GIVE MALE children to the Mother’s Brothers( UNCLES) The Paava Grahas in the 6th HOUSE WOULD GIVE BIG TROUBLE TO THE Mother’s Brother. Having the female Grahas in the 6th House would give good support from their sisters.

Having the powerless Surya or Chandra would give lot of Government & Law related problems. Having the Powerless Buddha would lead to too much of problems through Girls. Powerless Guru would give troubles to the Brothers and Sisters. Powerless Mangal, Sani, Raaghu in the 6 Th HOUSE WOULD GIVE EXTREME TROUBLES FROM OTHER religion, and Nationality people. Having Surya or Mangal would lead to Kidney problems, Cal Bladder problems, Bone fracture by Accidents, a lot of health troubles to their spouse are the possibilities. Having the Sukkra in the 6th House implies, more than 3 Brothers to their Mother. Any issues in our life could be settled always. Have a proper Atharva Veda Scholar’s advice, and kindly do not fall into hands of somebody who says, one question free or free consulting. It is a fact that nothing is free in the world, and that too, we have to note an important point, why somebody has to come all the way from India to offer something free in the USA. They are all only a trap to screw the innocent people. Think a lot before calling anybody for any Help.