I am continuing the Naadi Jyothidam (Creame of Astrology) this week too SEXUAL ISSUES In the girl's Chart/ Kundali if the Saturn has got its grace on the Moon, or Saturn and Raaghu are in the 4th house with the Grace of Moon means the concerned Girl is excellent for and would be much co operative at the time of the sexual course. If the 4th and the 12 th Lords gets friendship position in the chart, the concerned Girl would be much interested in the sex and a proper matching of the Husband is needed. Otherwise chances for Divorce because of the Sexual issues.

If the Kochara Chandra (Moon) comes to the 7 th house, otherwise if the Paava Grahas are sitting in the 4 corners of the Kundali/ Chart means, the concerned person would get lot of chances to enjoy lot of their opposite sex and they may even find lot of new ways for the sexual pleasures. Getting Married to somebody ho has got Green card or Citizen; If the 3rd House LORD SITS IN THE 6TH OR THE 8TH House from the Lagna, or the 3rd house Lord has got its transit on the 6th or the 8 th house leads the concerned person to get married to somebody who is settled down properly in the foreign countries. Adaultarious nature; if the 4 Th Bhavaam of the Chart has got the influence of Raaghu, Kethu, Mars means lot of chances for the Girls to sleep with lot of Guys.

If any body has the combination of Sukkra/ Venus and Chandra sitting together within 10 Degrees or they are meeting at 180 degrees means the concerned person would go to different girls/guys for sexual pleasures. They always try to enjoy the same very very often. Also if the 5 th and the 7 th house lords are going to see each other would lead a person to have highest attraction to the sexual oriented issues. Multiple marriages; if the 2n house lord joins with lot of Paava Grahas. the 1st and the 8 th House lords are joining with Mangal/ Mars or Raaghu is seeing the 2nd House or the 10 th and 11th House Sani is seeing the 2nd House would lead to Multiple Marriages. Paathini girls/ Pure Hearted girls fit for the Marriage; - In the Girls chart If the Bhuddha and the Guru are sitting in the Thrikonam Position (Corner Houses) or the Sukkra is sitting in the Lagna in the AMSAM Also if the Moon gets highest power in the AMSAM and Both the Bhuddha and the Sukkra sits in the 4th house in the Navaamsam means the concerned Girl is a PATHI VIRADHAI . It means that her husband is the 1st Lord to her. , And at any time and she would be ready to satisfy her Husband to the Maximum extent Naadi Jyothidam related to Business ; Accountant;

To the Lagna or to the Lagnaathipathi, the jointment of Buddha and the Guru would make a concerned person as a toppest person in the Accounting field.Brokers/ Commission Agents; The 1st and the 4th house Lords Joining together or for the 4t house Sani, Bhuddha's influence would make a person as a bigges successful person in the fields of Agent, Brokerage, Physician; Basically the surya and Sani and Raaghu are the Medicinal Grahas. If these grahas or any one of the gets in to the 2nd house in a good position makes the concerned person as a toppest Physician Milk, Water and Allied products; Basically Chandra and Sukkra are water based Grahas If any one of them has got a good Influence to the 7 th House of the Kundali would fetch lot of profits to the concerned person in the allied fields of business. I am continuing other interesting aspects of the Naadi Jyothisam in the weeks to come.