During the Gemini phase, which occurs during late spring, the beings and identities which were born in Aries and then strengthened and solidified in Taurus, become more aware of their immediate surroundings, aware of the other beings and identities around them. Having established some degree of self-sufficiency, security, and individual identity during the Taurus phase, the new identities can now afford to be more aware of their immediate environment in a detached, intellectual manner with little concern for their safety. The new identities first examine their relationships with the very materials they have gathered in order to survive, with the relationship between the self and its substance.

Associations and relationships are formed with others in the close environment. Understanding the characteristics and classifications of the environment and of the other entities it contains becomes important. The descriptions and classifications of the new relationships and associations call forth thoughts, words, ideas, and especially communications. Gemini represents relating to the immediate environment and especially to the environment of early childhood. The symbolic image of Gemini is children exploring their neighborhood.

Gemini, as the symbol of the twins, represents the twins arm-in-arm. In Roman mythology, the twins were the founders of Rome and, thus, were honored and immortalized by the constellation. The twins were also prominent in Navaho mythology as well as in many other mythologies. In some cultures, the twin archetype took the form of the trickster. Like the constellation, the glyph of Gemini represents the twins, usually standing arm in arm. Gemini is traditionally ruled by Mercury. The North Lunar Node is exalted in Gemini. Gemini is the detriment of Jupiter. Gemini is a mutable air sign.

It symbolizes the diversity of associations and the sharing of thoughts and ideas.
  • Gemini’s key words are usually expressed as I Think.
  • Gemini relates to the chest, lungs, arms, hands, and fingers.
  • Gemini symbolizes not just the twins, but also brothers, sisters, cousins, playmates, and the extended family, especially those who are close to one’s own age. Gemini also represents early schooling, education, learning, communicating, writing, speaking, talking, gossip, and mail. It represents travel within the immediate environment or neighborhood, short trips which can be completed within a day. Gemini represents relationships, associations, siblings, education, communications, and movement.
  • Gemini symbolizes recognition of others in the immediate environment. It also symbolizes communication with the immediate environment, the use of words and writing, the beginnings of concepts and categories, a superficial understanding of others, one’s relationships to objects in the environment, and the beginning of self-understanding. Gemini represents such characteristics or traits as adaptable, chatty, communicative, curious, duality, exploratory, gossipy, imaginative, indecisive, intellectual, inventive, investigating, nervous, phony, rational, reasonable, role-playing, superficiality, talkative, verbal, variable, and versatile.

Planets in Gemini take on a mental or intellectual nature. Their activity becomes more rapid, scattered, and superficial. They sacrifice depth, stability, and concentration.When Gemini is found on the cusp of a house, the individual approaches the affairs of the house in a mental or intellectual manner. The affairs of the house become diversified, duplex, and multiplied but lack depth of understanding.