Guru was sitting in the 6th House, now he has come as the 7 Th House for you. This Raasi People were had a lot of Struggles, Pains, problems, and issues for the last 14 months. The same is totally relieved from July 4th 2002 onwards. The problems related to Husband & wife Relationship, Late Marriage, Issueless couples would be made alright. Children's education would improve. People whom trying for foreign employment would be successful. Green card, citizenship issues would be made all right. However after December 13th 2002 to April 10th 2003, lot of care has to be given to the Health care.

Kumbam : This movement is not good. Lot of care is needed in all kinds of activities is needed. Lot of chances for health troubles, or getting into heavy loan commitments may happen. Be careful in signing the documents, contracts etc.,Lot of traveling, sudden, unexpected expenses may occur. Success would be delayed. Chances for the problems to the Children and newborn baby issues would be a problem.

Meenam : Guru is coming to the 5 th House. It's an excellent period. All kinds of ancestral wealth would be Successful. Excellency in wealth and all kinds of Aishwaryam is expected very soon in the family. Good placement of the Job, Good Marriage and all kinds of happiness, is meant for this period, Vaasthu Saastra continued -Car Carriage. It is not advisable to have the Car Carriage in the Northeast corner. It would yield all kinds of Mental and Body Stress to the Family and at the same time this place should not be dumped. Having the Car carriage at the North West part of the Property would be fine, however it should not be at the corner of the Northwest or it should not touch the Northern side wall part. Keeping the Car in the South East is ok, however it should not touch the Eastern part of the wall or South East corner. Keeping the Car Carriage at the Southwest part of the property is very good. Swimming Pool & Water Resources inside the Property; Lot of care and Caution should be given at the time of Setting up any kinds of Swimming Pool or water related subjects in to the Property.

Out House : Basically the outhouse should be a Smaller than the Main House. It is always good to have only little empty place between the Main Property and the Out house, whereas, the Gap between the wall and the Outhouse should be higher than the Gap between the Main Property and out house. If we built up the Outhouse either in the Southern part or on the Western part of our property, the same should be a tall property. Definitely the outhouse Wall should not be joined with the Compound walls of North or East.

Having the Out House on the south East or North West from the MAIN house would be always great. Having the out house touching the Walls, would be ok if they are constructed at the South, South West part of the property and they are touching the South or West part of the Wall. . If we are going to have Out House at South West part, we should not allow our Staffs/ workers to live and at the same time having relatives and friends in that house for a long time is not advisable. At any time our Out House should not block the corners of North East, South East, North West. However it may be at the South West. I am continuing other interesting aspects of the VAASTHU Saastra in the weeks to come.

Good & Bad about Jupiter (Guru Perarchi) Movement on 30 the June 2002

HARI OM : I am continuing the Effects and influence of Jupiter Movement (Guru Peyarchi) in general this week too. For a specific question and for the detailed analysis about the movement which affects an individual, please call [email protected] 408 829 7780. Simma Raasi For this Raasi people Guru is coming to the 12th houses, which is called as Viraya Sthaanam (Expenses point) according to the Vedic Astrology. For another 14 months, these Raasi people should be ready for lot of expenses. Lot of care is needed in all kinds of their activities.

Some times lot of mental stress, litigation, court cases, family issues may come. Carefulness and steadiness is needed in all kinds of actions. Buying a property, getting in to Marriage expenses, would be a great solution in this period. Kanni Raasi. It's a very very wonderful period for these Raasi peoples. These Raasi people were having lot of tough time for the last one year, and once the Guru has come to the LAABA - STHAANAM (High Profit Point). Everything is going to be a grand success. People waiting for job, marriage, property would be getting the same within few weeks. , Business and new business will grow. The professionals in the spiritual side, and arts side would flourish like anything. Lot of awards would come.Very Excellent period.

Thulam Raasi : This is not a good time. Lot of chances to loose their job, business, may arise. Basically lot of steadiness is needed for another 14 months. Not advisable to start new business or Job. Better to avoid long distance driving, Lot of health care is needed. Lot of times unnecessary mental stress, confusion, losses may come. Better to avoid loaning money. Lot of chances to get in to losses in the business. Viruchika Raasi generaly it's a good period also called BAAGYA NERAM. Marriage, new child issues, starting new business is a great period. Merchants may get sudden luck, time to win LOTTO, traveling to abroad, for studies, marriage, settlement, education would be a successful one. Getting a green card, Citizenship, work visa would be a successful one . Dhansu Raasi- Good period also called as VIBAREETHA RAAJA YOGA PERIOD.

Quick and sudden luck may happen. Money would come from some unexpected channel. Enemies would be defeated. . Agricultural business will grow. Chances for brother, sister's problems may occur. . Going to the spiritual places would be always great. , Chances to buy properties too. SOLUTIONS/ UPPAAYA -All the imbalances of the Guru / Jupiter will give problems like, frictions in the Marriage, Delayed Marriage, Miss- carriage, Abortions, Sexual issues, Partnership problems, Export& Import Problems, Evil attacks, Black eye & Thirsty issues, Loss in the Stocks, litigations. Court cases, Visa, Green card problems, accidents, and lot of mental issues. All these issues could be very easily fixed up through different Uppaayaas / Solutions given in the Atharva Veda.Please also note that , People advertising, that the dreams would come through within 1 week are the Thaanthrik solutions works within 1 or 2 weeks are highly impossible, since those knowledge and the powers are not given to those so called Astrologers, Pundits, Priests Swamijis and Thaanthriks, since the application part of the Yantra Thantra Mantra solutions are the exclusive part of Atharva Veda and given only to an Atharva Veda scholar and that to, the same has to come by the GURU PARAMPARAA (through the Spiritual Gurus/Saints by Generation to generations).

Marriage Related Issues and the Solutions

Last week I was discussing and gave some idea about and the issues related to Marriage. Basically according to the Indian Atharva veda anything related to marriage issue is related to the 7 th House of the horoscope/Janma Kundali. The same is called as "KALASTHIRA-STHAANAM" This house plays a vittal role in every one's relation ship and in the marriage part too. Basically the veda says , whenever the person is going to get the VIYALAN NOOKAM OR GURU PAARVAI( Jupiter's race). definitely the concerned person would get married within that period.

Basically the relationship or marriage issues are only some imbalance in the human life and that should be and could be balanced through different UPPAYAAS and Rituals. It does not mean that , we are restricting or avoiding the ilpower of the Grahas. It is just like safeguarding ourselves from the severe rain through an umbrella.The term Sukkra (Venus) is different from the words Sukkra Dasa ( Venus Period). For sukkra the AADHI DEVADA is " MAHALAKSHMI". The Metal is Silver. The Gem is Diamond/ Crystal. The Flower is White Lotus. The Samitthu is Athi. Like each and every Grahas( Planets) owns certain Natchattras( Stars), Sukkra (Venus) also owns three Raasis. They are Bharani, Pooram, Pooradam Durgaa maathaaji born in the Bharani Star. Sri Parvathi Maathaaji born in Pooram Star and the Varuna Bahavaan( The God of rain) born in the Pooradam star.Sukkra gets Ruling power in Rishabam and Thulaam Rasis. He gets Highest power in Meenam Raasi( Star). Minus position in KANNI Star. Matthima Position in Mesham and Viruchikam. Enemy Position in the stars Katakam and Simmam.

Basically the delayed marriage or lot of hurdles in the marriage could be very easily made alright through different Parikkarams, or UPPAYAA. Basically the rituals related to Sri MahaLakshmi, Sri Gowri , Panchaayathanam with proper Ataharva veda moola mantras is going to make a biggest difference and resolve all of our issues.There are certain Aagama standards ( Vedic Principles) are to be carried by the concerned person, and the same could be given by me at any time to whomsoever , they are in need.Basically the standard of the Indian Vedic Science says , if the female has baava Grahas in the 3, 7, 9 th House from the Lagna , normaly the concerned persons will not get proper marriage or timely marriage.The same create too much mental stress and sleepless nights. and the same could be definitely made allright by me immediately with the bleesings of Durgga Maathaaji Chanting the special Moola mantras with proper Ritual products and taking the advise of an Atharva veda Professional would normally resolve all of the issues related to this subject.Likewise people who do not have children and having problem with the children also Could have some powerful rituals related to Sri Kamala Daarnyai.

I would be able to help to those who are in need.There is common term in the Vedic science that If the Girl is with Moola Star , and the same is not good for the Father- in- law. If the Girl is Aaylyam Star, the same is not good for the Mother- In -Law. If the stars are kettai and Visakam the same is not good for the Brother- in - law of her huband's side. Hence it is always advisable to match make the Horoscope before marriage. Lot of times if the girls Horoscope is having BAAVA GRAHAS in the 3,7,9 th house from the Lagnaa, it is realy very hard for them either to get married or to have a perfect relationship. The same could be made allright immediately through different Atharva veda Rituals