The importance about the 10 the house of the Kundal/ Birth Astrological chart. Thousands of readers were contacting me and asking some more clarifications about the same. Hence I am continuing the same this week too. The main important point to be notified here is that, although I am giving the predictions for each and every one of the House of the Kundalini, the same could be changed to the good side or to the bad side depends on the other places of the Grahas, and especially depends on the influence of Jupiter and Saturn to the Chart and their transit influences too.

Having the Moon or Buddha in the 4th house gives Excellency in the Business. A lot of wealth, good name and fame, support from the father is the possibilities. Having the Sukkra/ Venus in the 10 Th House gives prosperity in the Business, good luck, however, these things could be materialized only after the marriage. Having the Jupiter/ guru, Buddha, and Good moon position would give Raja Yogas. Having a female planet/Graha in the 10th house implies a lot of females in the family. Having the Surya or Mangal in the 10th house represents accident or pain in the leg areas. Having the Paava/ Sin Grahas in the 10th house represents problems to the father by the Government and by the Law agencies and chances to loose the father in some foreign countries by death.

Having the Surya in the 10th house with the Conjunction of Sani, Raahu, would lead to the problem of loosing the father in an early life. Having the Moon/ Chandra in the 10th house gives lot of multifarious business activities, talent like a scientist, getting success in the life by the self-confidence and by the hard work, interested in a lot of art related and music, dance-related subjects, interested or good in Astrology, and other Handicrafts areas related activities.

Having the Surya in the Lagnaa, or in the 10th house from the Chandra, gives lot of talents, and makes them as a more enthusiastic personalities. Gives the courage to lead the team like a leader, and a lot of mental and Physical strength too. Having the Powerful MANGAL in the 10th house from the Lagnaa or from the Chandra would give job and Business in the foreign countries, chances to work in the armed forces are the possibilities. Having the Buddha in the Lagnaa or in the 10th house from the Chandra/ Moon would lead to good education, and the concerned person has to make money by the teaching profession or by the advisory position through his/ her education. Having the Guru/ Jupiter in the 10th house gives Government related Jobs, or making money from some kind of Government connected organizations, / Chances to get money from different sources, Normally these kinds of people would be making money by investing their Brainpower and not the money power.

Having the Sukkra in the Lagnaa or in the 10th House from the Chandra would give Excellency in the Movie, Music, Drama, and related areas. Getting a lot of awards from the Government, and to live like a prince/ Princess status are the possibilities. Having the Sani in the Lagnaa or in the 10 Th House from the Chandra would lead to slavery jobs, or working in a small way and having a very small business are the possibilities I am continuing the importance of the other Houses influences in the weeks to come. Be happy, soon we are expecting the Jupiter’s transit, which in turn is going to make a lot of difference, happiness in the life, and at the same time sadness too in a lot of families. Do well and think well, everything would be great. Kindly do not fall into the hands of funny astrologers who are advertising that one question free or something free. This is a fact that nothing is free or nothing comes to somebody freely & easily.

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