Mother, Sister, Brother-In-Law Problems? / Loosing wife or Husband / Delay or Multiple Marriages? Girls Periods Problems? Hari Om. I am continuing the interesting aspects and influence of each and every house according to the different placement of Grahas in our Kundali/Horoscope 7th House/ Bhaavam; The 7th House of the Vedic Astrology is very important for everyone in the world. This house plays a vital role in every bodys life. Basically this is the house meant for our life partner, and even out of my experience where I have come across more than two hundred thousands charts/ Kundali in my life and in USA alone more than 78,000 Kundali/Charts, I have noticed that more than 60 % of the Astrological charts came to me, were with lot of different problems related to the 7th house and Bad influences of some Grahas are the reason for the same. Everyone wants to have a pleasurable marriage, and the same is totally the power of the 7th House. Beautiful wife/ Husband; The 7 th house decides the life partners beauty, sexual issues, adulterous nature, multiple marriage, suicide of the life partner, evil troubles of the spirits related to relationship and sexual activities areas, good and understanding wife or Husband, Divorce, going to Jail because of sexual harassment or Spouse abuse in the USA etc.,

Basically if somebody is having any one of Guru, /Sukkran/Suryan Chandran in the 7th house the same would fetch beautiful, rich, and excellent wife .If the Mangal is in the 7th House for a Male, then he could get a wife like a Beautiful TOMOTO.If the Buddha is in the 7th House, yields a medium Complexion Girl as the wife. Sexual Pleasures; Having Saturn or Raaghu in the 7th HOUSE yields a beautiful black color complexion Girl as a wife. Having Surya in the 7 Th HOUSE, would lead to getting the life partner with a lot of age difference, and chances to be very elderly spouse are the possibilities. Having Buddha or Chandra in the 7th house, somebody could get the same age spouse. Having the Sukkra in the 7th house yields a very young and sexy appearance wife. Having the Guru in the 7th House makes the Girl always young and energetic and they should have absorbance face. Mother in law problems? If the 7th house lord gets the Subha Grahas transit, they could get a very loveable Mother-in-law and Husband, whereas, if the same House is going to have the influence or Sight of the Paava Grahas (Sin Grahas), then their married life is going to be a frustrated one, and a lot of chances even to get death through Mother- in –Law because of the bad influence of the Bad and Neecha Grahas. Ladies period’s problems; Having the Mangal in the 7th house would give a lot of Mensus related problems, and lots of Uterus, related problems are the possibilities.

Having a powerless Surya, would lead to death at the time of Delivery of a baby. Having a Surya or Chandra for the husband would lead to stomach pains and sexual pains to the wife. Having the Raaghu in the 7th house gives danger to the Spouse by the arms and ammunition. Sukkran and Mangal combination would give some kinds of troublesome body condition to the spouse. Influence of Sani or Mangal to the 7th House would lead to, loosing the life partner at a young age itself. The Conjunction of the 9th House Lord with Mangal and Surya would lead to loosing the wife within a period of one year after the death of the Husband. Do not worry about any problems in the life. Always there is a solution to every issue in our life. Consult a proper Atharva Veda scholar always. Jyothisam is not a belief, however, it is one of the Beautiful Science. Once we understand it properly, then it is going to be an enjoyable subject. However, I should admit that a lot of so-called world famous Astrologers, Swamijis has confused this wonderful science, because of their ignorance, greedy and mentally retarded nature.