Because of the numerous enquiries about Vaasthu, I am once again giving some interesting details about our Indian Vaasthu science . I would say our Indian Vaasthu is supposed to be the very sacred and holy science, and which has got a lot of meanings and gives excellent results always. The vaasthu for the North American properties and Buildings are to be calculated totally in a different way and except some basic principles, whatever applies to India, is not going to be applicable for the North American properties.

Lot of time the professionals who try to do Vaasthu advise, would be giving wrong advise, the reason being, the same has to be calculated not only according to the Vaasthu Science but also with the Vedic Astrology and Prasannam. . By Having a proper Vaasthu correction to the properties would give lot of ISHWARYAM (all the happiness) and at the same time, having some VAASTHU related problems to the properties, would lead to lot of mental stress, Evil forces attraction, drainage of wealth, hospitalization and sometimes leads to death too. In the vaasthu Saastra always the DHISAI (Directions) are most important. , Each and everything has to be analyzed strictly according to the directions with the perfect ideas about the geographical ideas around the concerned property.

It is basically 8 directions according to Vaasthu. They are North, North East, East, South East, South, Southwest, West, North West. Basically, from the center point of the house, the north side is related to girls and ladies. Depends on the perfection about the rooms and other things, influence the happiness for the girls and ladies The northeast direction is concerned with the Various. /SANDATHI (Children) that to related to the male children. /. The east portion of the property is related to Gents, and also related to Physical relationship, all kinds of pleasures etc., EAASAANYA MOOLA/ NORTH EAST DIRECTION Out of all the 8 directions North East direction plays a vital role always in the Indian Vaasthu. The basic idea is the concerned part should not be in the 90-degree direction, or should not be around or an oval shaped one. Basically, it is always advisable not to load lot of items or storage place in this direction. The North East direction should be always at least a little bit low angle or shaped and if any kind of water is leaving from the property, it should leave from the north East place only. Keeping water resources, swimming pool, (without liquor Bar), is always good for this direction.

One more interesting feature about this direction is, having the medicines for any kinds of health problems, and keeping the storage of the medicine in this direction, would heal the health and mental related problems in a faster way. Selection of the property; Lot of care has to be given, either to buy an empty plot for construction or already a built-up property. It is always advisable to have a proper consulting from an Atharva Veda scholar. Basically, if the property is square or long squared, it is always great If we are going for a tail shape oriented property it is always advisable to get the property which has got at least two times length of the width of the property. I am going to give some more interesting details exclusively for the California state properties by next week. Om Shanthi