Giving some interesting aspects of Sukkra (Venus) for the last few weeks, this week also I am going to give further Special YOGAMS and other aspects of Sukkra. Saraswathi Yogam; Having the Guru / Jupiter to the 5th or 9th house from the Sukkra gives a very wonderful education and related benefits for an individual. and they would get an excellent job. Maalaviya Yogam; If the sukkra gets Top ruling power with Kendra Power, the same is called as Maalaviya Yogam, This is one of the very Best Yogam, a human could get in the life. This kind of position of the Sukkra gives, Beautiful body/ Structure, Very charming personality, loved immediately by the concerned opposite sex, Excellent Money, Good life partner, good name earning and giving children, top education, Tremendous sexual pleasures and opportunity to enjoy the same in all kinds of ways, good in Movie, acting, Dance, music-related activities, and last but not the least, it would get each and every pleasure of life.

Kalastira Athrista Yogam; Having the sukkra in any of the 3, 6, 10, 11th houses with good power, would lead to get all kinds of Aishwaryam in the life after Marriage. Wife is going to be 100% Good luck. Depends on the position of the Sukkra in the chart the benefits or losses would happen. Here I would like to share a very important Matter for the readers, Even a lot of Astrologers or so-called Astrologers, do not know this very important secret Idea of the Vedic Astrology. Every one in the Universe would get the CHANDRAA ASTHAMAA DAYS in their life for every 27 days once . In those particular days, whatever they try to do, that to any kind of Important matters or decisions would go in to issues, Problems, or unnecessary delay or some time would lead to litigations etc.,

If the readers could understand, what are those days, they could avoid tones of problems in their life. Lot of times problems between the Husband and wife related to all kinds of family matters, Including sexual issue, court cases, Business meetings, Meeting the lover, interviews, important paper sign up, getting or looking properties, going out of town or country, etc, could be avoided to the most extent possible on those days.

Even if the reader’s just turn back their past life on the concerned days, they should had lot of problems, unnecessary delays or issues on those days. That to nobody should do any kind of important rituals on those days, by engaging a Vedhic scholar or a priest. A lot of Vedic people do not know this important factor, and even if they know, that will not tell the devotees, or the clients, the main reason being, they are very particular, about the income, and not the welfare of the client is the second concern. And I would say, it is a very bad attitude.

The CHANDRA A ASTHAMAA days are the days, which are going to be the 8 th House Raasis from the concerned person's Raasi. , Say for example, if somebody is going to be the Kanya raasi (Virgo placement of the Moon and not the Sun), his or her 8 th House is going to be the Mesham (Aries). Mesham owns 3 Natchattras; they are ASHWINI, BHARANI, and KAARTIKAI. Out of these 3 days the first 2 days are definitely a bad luck period in every month, and lot of caution is needed in these days.

If the readers want it could be very easily seen through the Indian calendar or they could contact me for further understandings. That to any Priest, or Any kind of Vedic scholar, who is doing any kind of rituals for the clients, should not be the 8th Raasi to the Client ‘s Raasi. Hiring those people, and doing rituals would give only negative powers. This rule will not apply to a Tantrik, because of the Specialized Kundali.One of the very beauty in a Tantrik chart would be the concerned person should have his Ascendant/ Lagna above 28 degrees and within 30 degrees and LagnaaAthipathi should very strong, with the conjunction of Kethu either in Mesham or on Viruchikkam Houses, without any Neecha Grahsa in his chart. These kind of charts are one out of one Billion in the world, we could see.