Lord Saturn Metal Silver, Iron
Rasi Letters Kha, Ja Lucky Stone Blue Sapphire
Nakshatra Letters Bho, Jaa, Jee, Khee, Khoo, Gaa, Gee Weekday Saturday, Wednesday and Friday
Adorable God Shiva Rasi Type Movable

Capricorn (Makaram) [Stars: Utradam 2,3,4, Thiruvonam, Avitam 1,2nd padam]

Capricorn/Makaram born people get the natural luck to succeed in their profession. They are well committed to responsibilities, very helpful in many cases to finish the work. They should also think of their family beyond professions.
During this month :
  • Sun, Mars, Venus, Mercury joins in 8th house
  • Venus transits to Virgo September 10
  • Mercury transits to Virgo September 11, again
  • Mercury transits to Libra September 29
  • Sun transits to Virgo September 17
  • Mars transits to Virgo September 25
  • Saturn and Ketu in 12th house
  • Saturn and Ketu meetup in same degree on September 18th
This month will bring lot of expenses and travels. Expecting job changes won’t bring much success till 10th. As a caution, don’t plan to make any adverse changes at this point of time in your career, profession, positions, and life decisions. Personal relationships will bring lot of issues. Due to this there is a chance for lot of tensions. Maintain your patience by devotions to god and relax yourselves. Sun in 8th house will bring tension situations with your seniors in your office. Listen to them and never react back to them and perform your day-to-day activities. Never take any investment risks during this month. Take care of your health and issues related to that needs to be resolved with care. Be careful while travelling and driving vehicles till 18th. Benefits from your mother side relations is possible. At the same time, expenses from mother side is also possible. Gifts, winning in competitions is possible till 17th. Students will excel in their studies. Enemies will get reduced. Friends, Relatives support will increase.

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Please visit One Month before Transit.

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