What you saw in Dreams What you'll get
Obstacles in plans
Aeroplane Change of environment
Angle Escape from troubles
Animals Laborious life
Ants Difficulties
Apples Success
Auction Improvement in business
Bank Warning of hard times
Banquet Good time , gains
Barber Disease, worries
Bath in a lake Gain of respect
Bath in river Relief from disease
Beads Hard work ahead
Begging Good luck
Being insulted Misfortune, quarrels with loved ones
Black cloth Grief
Blind Man Journies, Worries
Building a house Gain, happy, love
Catch a snake Victory over enemies
Cemetary Ill health
Children Success in business, happy life
Climbing a mounten Working towerds rise in life
Closed door Worries, loss
Clouds Journies, discord
Commit murder Good health
Courting an old woman Success in wordly affairs
Cow Promotion , happy news
Crocodile Enemies, opponents
Cross the river Difficulties, struggle
Crying Baby Trials and turbulation
Damsel Worries
Dancing Good luck
Dead body Relief from disease
Dead father Troubles which will be assisted
Diamond Warning of trouble
Digging a grave Gainful property
Digging earth Worries
Dirty toilet Good luck
Drinking milk Good news
Drinking vine Prosperity and happiness
Drown Blemish on character
Eating bread Gain of object
Eclipse Sun or Soon Planning a long trip with a friend or opposit sex
Enemy Victory
Escape Escape from troubles
Fall Loss of position
Falling from a mounten Misfortune
Falling teeth Grief
Father A good time
Fear or terror Someone trying your downfall
Fire To meet a beloved
Firing a pistol Stedy rise in life
Flood Gain in personal affairs
Floting in air Desire to rise in life
Flowers Success in next few days
Get in a boat Blames, Worries
Get out of boat Relief from worries and gain
Ghost Watch your relation with friends
Giving Kiss Good deeds
Gold Beware of taking risk in business
Hair cut Clearance of debts
Hearing of many voices A joyous event
Hell Loss in business
Husband Faliure of desires
In a university Gain of prominent position
Intercourse Gain and betterment
Jungle Victory over enemies
King Respect, promotion, gain
Lake Happy life, success in business
Laughing man Quarrels, disapointment
Light Obstacles in promotion
Lion Victory over enimies
Loosing in sport Gain in near future
Lose a job Misfortune
Making a bed Change of present occupation
Marriage Worries, Danger
Mirror Departure of loved
Monkey Disease and worries
Moon Meeting a lady or fortune in business
New house Bad luck
Old house Good luck
Operation Recovery from illness
Opponent Overcome of obstacles, happiness
Prayer Health and happiness
Rain Quarrels, Disease
Reach Sky Gain of wish
Reading a letter A good news
Ride an elephant Gain , Good health
Riding a plane Work with caution
Riding of automobile Warning of poverty
River with clean water Good news, promotions
River with muddy water Obstacles
Robbed Losses
Roses Happiness, Success
Saint Peace in life
Scissors Quarrels with partener
Ship wreck Misfortune
Shopping Domestic happiness or success in business
Sky Promotion, Happy
Smile Good luck
Snake Enemies seeking your ruin
Snake bite Worries
Stars Favour from superiors
Storm Gain
Sun Wealth, up lift
Sun Rise Worries, loss
Swiming a clean water river Promotion
Swimming Relief from disease
Taking Kiss A sincere friend
Tears, crying Happiness, good fortune
Thorns Difficulties ahead
To donate Relief from worries
To drink water Uphill struggle in profession
Washing cloth Toiling life for others
Watch Prosperity, wealth
Water Happiness, prosperity
Wealth Poverty
Wearing of bead Warning of discord
Weeping Good news, overcome of worries
Winning sport Misfortune
Worms Good luck
Wound Prosperity
Young people Happiness
King, Elephant, horse, Cow, gold Money, children