The Life Line is the line that encircles the thumb, starting from theedge of the palm on the side of the first finger going in a semi-circlearound the mound at the base of the thumb. Like the other lines itshould be clear and well marked.The Life Line is the one everyone thinks they know! I don’t knowhow many times people have come to me and said : “My Peter has a very short life line. Does that mean he’ll die young?”

Many children do have short lifelines, but this line lengthens as theygrow.It’s really impossible to tell when someone will die, simply by lookingat the lifeline. Several other factors are also involved. Moreover, it’sinexcusable for any palmist to tell someone when they’re going to die,as their prediction could become a self-fulfilling prophecy.I know a woman who was told, at sixteen, that she would die at theage of fifty. For years before she reached fifty, she worried about the prediction. 

Finally, on her fifty first birthday, she felt relieved.Fortunately, she’s still very much alive, but she experienced years ofneedless stress and anxiety. Even though many other psychics, myselfincluded, assured her the first reading was wrong, she still wentthrough years of agony.So if you think you see some indication of illness or even death in thepalm of your clients, please do not tell the client. Tell the clientpositive things about themselves. Give them hope for the future.Remember, the hands are constantly changing. What you read today,could be very different from what you read a year from now.I never tell anyone when they are going to die, even if the date seemsobvious to me. 

I urge you to do the same. After all, the hands canchange and nullify your prediction.A short Life Line does not indicate a short life, just as a long Life Linedoes not guarantee a long life. You will find some people with allthree main lines(Life, Head and Heart) short.The life line is the first line that is formed on the palm and appears bythe time the human embryo is eight weeks old. This line is quicklyfollowed by the Heart line and the Head line. It’s interesting to notethat these lines appear before the baby is able to make any movements. 

This means they are not merely “flexure” lines caused bybending the hand, as some critics of palm reading claim.23The Life Line is a measure of a person‘s vitality and interest in life. Itis a picture of the person‘s life force and reflects the quality of life. Italso shows how much energy and strength the person has.Ideally, it should come as far across the palm as possible, as the areaencircled by this line (the Mount of Venus) indicates the amount ofenergy and stamina the person has. Someone with a Life line that hugsthe thumb, will be listless, lethargic and lacking energy. Conversely,someone with a life line that comes well across the palm, will haveplenty of energy and will be more vibrant and enthusiastic about life.

If the Life Line hugs the thumb you might say:“At times you don’t have as much energy as you’d like. You need tomake sure you get enough rest and relaxation. Pay some attention to physical fitness and your stamina will increase.”Opposite to what could be said to someone with a Life Line that comes well across the palm:“You have plenty of stamina and energy. If you’re doing something you enjoy, you could go on indefinitely. You enjoy doing physical activities, and when you get tired, you sleep it off very quickly and wake up ready to start again.”

A lot of people have a fine line inside and parallel to the Life Line. It’susually found near the start of the Life Line, but can appear anywhere.Some fortunate people have it all through their lives, giving theimpression of having two Life Lines. This line is called the SisterLine, as it’s a “sister” to the Life Line.The Sister Line indicates protection. I know a lady who survived amajor bus accident where almost everyone else died. She has a verystrong Sister Line in her palm. This line is always a fortunate thing tofind on a hand. If it is found near the end of the Life line, it indicatessomeone who will be physically active in his or her old age.

A large number of people have fine lines radiating from the base ofthe thumb towards. Sometimes these lines even cross the Life line.These fine lines are called worry lines. You’ll find many hands withplenty of these!A person with hundreds of these fine lines is someone who worriesabout everything. If you only find a few lines, this indicates the timeswhen the person had something serious to worry about.You will also find some people with none of these fine lines. Thesepeople never worry about anything, but you can bet that their partnerhas hundreds of lines!If the lines cross the Life line, it’s an indication of serious worry thathas or could affect the person’s health. If this is the person’s future Iwill tell them about it, and try and encourage them to learn meditationor self-hypnosis to help them control their worry.