Lord Sun Metal Copper, Gold
Rasi Letters Ma, Ta Lucky Stone Ruby
Nakshatra Letters Maa, Mee, Moo, Me, Mo, Taa, Tee, Too, Te Weekday Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday
Adorable God Sri Vishnu Narayan Rasi Type Stable

Leo (Simmam) [Stars: Magam, Pooram, Uthiram 1st padam]

Leo/Simmam borns people are Strong, bold, courageous, and commanding by nature.

During this month :

  • Sun, Mars, Venus, Mercury joins in 1st house
  • Venus transits to Virgo September 10
  • Mercury transits to Virgo September 11, again
  • Mercury transits to Libra September 29
  • Sun transits to Virgo September 17
  • Mars transits to Virgo September 25
  • Saturn and Ketu meetup in same degree on September 18th
Situations for Leo is very good in this month. Reason is, your sign lord Sun is in Leo, joining Mars, Venus and Mercury in 1st house. This planetary combination will give a good result till 10th of September. After 10th income will increase. You're Mars is in Leo till 25th and it will boost your energy. So taking income related decisions after 10th is very helpful. Jupiter in 4th house will help you in dealing with Marriage alliances which will benefit when Jupiter moves to 5th. Students will do very well and apply their knowledge. Elders will have a good health recovery.

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Please visit One Month before Transit.

Please visit One Month before Transit.

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