Lord Mercury Metal Silver, Gold
Rasi Letters Pa, Tha, Na Lucky Stone Emerald
Nakshatra Letters To, Paa, Pee, Poo, Sha, Na, Tha, Pe, Po Weekday Wednesday, Friday and Saturday
Adorable God Sri Ganesh Rasi Type Dual nature

Virgo (Kanni) [Stars: Uthiram 2,3,4 Hastham, Chitirai 1,2 padam]

People born in Virgo/Kanni rasi are gentle, polite, and self-motivated. They help needy people and not power prone people under any circumstances. Situational leadership is a gift to these people.

During this month :

  • Sun, Mars, Venus, Mercury joins in 12th house
  • Venus transits to Virgo September 10
  • Mercury transits to Virgo September 11, again
  • Mercury transits to Libra September 29
  • Sun transits to Virgo September 17
  • Mars transits to Virgo September 25
  • Saturn and Ketu meetup in same degree on September 18th
Past couple of months had a lot of struggles. Last month you had Sun, Mars, Venus, and Mercury in 12th house. You have seen lot of delays in the past months. This is going to change slowly after 11th of September. Profits will be there. However expenses will equally increase till 17. Plan accordingly. Mercury, the lord of your Zodiac is transitioning to Virgo. Due this transition, Venus will also get the positive effects in Virgo. This will uplift your career related aspects a lot. Confidence is the main thing to need to have at this time. Saturn retrogression, Ketu positions indicate that this is the time where you can play in the nets and practice your life. Support from Mother side will be very helpful. Chances to get ancestral property is possible during this month.

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Please visit One Month before Transit.

Please visit One Month before Transit.

Please visit One Month before Transit.

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